Information letter to World Women (English, German, Spanish, French)


Monika Gaertner-Engel, Germany, European Coordinator logo1 wfk 2016
Halinka Augustin, Netherlands – European Coordinator
Angélica Urrutia, Germany – Deputy European Coordinator
Maria Hagberg, Sweden – Deputy European Coordinator

August 2015

Dear worldwomen in Europe,

Today we would like to write you about the most important hot spots, which have arisen in Greece, the Ukraine, in the Middle East, in Rojava, Nepal and as a consequence of the refugee crisis as well as our preparation process of the World Women’s Conference and the special challenges for the women’s movement related with these hot spots.

In these countries women play an important role in the everyday struggle for democracy, for the people’s liberation, for the reconstruction of the country in Nepal and Rojava and against the fascist and extremely religious ISIS-forces in Syria and Northern Iraq.

The Greek people have sent a clear, courageous and militant signal against the Troika to the EU and world bank and there was enormous solidarity for the Greek people throughout Europe. Despite the immense media pressure against Greece, the people decided for a clear “No” against the enforced austerity measures. But now they shall pay the price and safe the banks nevertheless. We are really interested in how they will act and ensure our full support in fighting against the austerity measures in Europe.

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Greece: Interview with Voula Taki


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  1. Our readers are very interested in the mood of the people in Greece. What is your opinion on the blackmailing by the EU?

In recent weeks we are seeing in progress a “financial coup” in Greece by the EU, ECB and IMF . Especially after the decision of the Greek government to move to a referendum asking the Greek people to vote “NO” or “YES” in the agreement proposed by the troika. Due to this decision the past few days we receive a hard, barbaric and non-negotiable attitudes of capital and EU who believe that they can behave and to order as colonizers (read the declarations of Juncker, Schäuble, Merkel etc). They organized this terrorist attack using of their “servants / guardians’ – the local capital, the dominant economic classes and the media (banks closed, limiting the cash withdrawals in the amount of EUR 60 daily, has started defaulting employer to their employees under the pretext of the referendum, intimidation of people constantly of the private media, organizing counter-demonstrations etc). It’s like a class war.

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Greece: Interview with Sofia Tzizkou


Here are my answers to your questions:

Our readers are very interested in the mood of the people in Greece. What is your opinion on the blackmailing by the EU?

1-Greek people realize the blackmail by the Troika and Eurozone leaders, who play an unfair game, believing that  by creating economic  asphyxia among  greek society, the government will collapse.

We should , also, underline their cooperation with the opposition parties ,as they would like to accelerate the end of “the left intermezzo” in Greece!

They  provoked the closure of banks, by stopping currency by the ECB,leading to capital control, fact that makes some people (mostly pensionners  ) to feel insecure due to lack of cash.

In one hand they realize the purpose of such blackmail and are supportive to the government, in the other hand they worry about the “day after”.

They  feel anger rather than  fear for the future.

  1. How has the situation of especially the families and women been developing during the last months?

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Greece: Interview with Sophia Roditi from the steel workers’ women from Aspropirgos



  1. Our readers are very interested in the mood of the people in Greece. What is your opinion on the blackmailing by the EU?

Μost people here in Greece, consider the referendum an act of resistance to the lenders. No interest the real question but the act of the referendum. After five years of tough austerity they all know now, that the EU is wrong created. They want to stay in the EU but to change Europe.They want to have jobs and the country to become productive. They can not understand that there is not production because we are in the EU. Just their request  to change something that is structured from the beginning against the people and in favor of capital.However, in the minds of citizens, the EU-IMF-ECB is loan sharks, which with the help of the older governments oppress our democracy.My opinion is that there must be a break with the EU and the people to decide freely and without restriction to their  fate. Be able to choose freely and to produce what has need.They blackmailed by the EU-IMF-ECB and the media scares us but I think that comes the beginning of the end for all of them.


  1. How has the situation of especially the families and women been developing during the last months?

Practically nothing has changed. The working conditions, the sector of health, education, nutrition is the same. The government tried to measures taken for the humanitarian crisis to help but unfortunately very few citizens are entering these programs. There are no jobs and where can be found, is in slavery conditions. Without eight hours with very little wages and uncertainty about whether there is work for the next day.


  1. What are the struggles that your initiative/organization are leading against the crisis dictate of the EU?

We try with meetings, mobilizations and events to inform citizens about the real cause of all who live. We participate in kinematic actions (demonstrations, lectures, festivals, etc.), so as to demonstrate in practice that the fight never wasted, only that which is not given.

20.020,22 Euro for Nepal!


Answer from Shiela: Dear European coordinatiors, I express my heartfelt gratitude, on behalf of Nepalese masses. Your effort of solidarity definitely strengths the will power of women in the process of world women conference, to help the needy people who are ignored by the state. For sure once the situation gets stable we will give  the report. Though I am unable to build contact with other coordinators in Nepal, but I hope they are physically uninjured. Once more I would like to extend my thanks for your valueable contribution at very vulnerable situation, and hope for the same in future. In struggle, Shiela. ****       European Coordinators Monika, Halinka, Angélica, Maria 21-05-2015 To the Coordinators in Nepal CC to all World Coordinators Dear Durga, Sarita and Shiela, we are tremendously happy that we can transfer 20.020,22 €uro from Germany, the


Netherlands and France. What is special about these funds is, that they mainly come from many small-scale and micro donations. About 10,000 discussions were held for it, the women mainly collected on May Day also among workers. This included speaking about the World Women’s Conference and the important union of the 8 women’s organisations in Nepal. We emphasised that the 8 women’s organisations are not dependent on cooperation with the government, like the international charitiy organisations are, but have deep roots among the masses of the women. The women are of course curious to get to know at a later time how the money was used. Whenever you will have a clear head again to write about this, we are happy to get a report. But of course there is no hurry! Continue reading “20.020,22 Euro for Nepal!”

Wanted: A Woman for central organizational committee for WWC 2016


Monika and Halinka 25-03-15logo1 wfk 2016

To all worldwomen in Europe!

We, Monika and Halinka are back from a very successful meeting in Nepal.

We are sending you all decisions and resolutions as well as some pictures enclosed, so that you may have an impression of the meeting yourselves.

The most important result is that the eight women’s organisations in Nepal work together very closely and have set course for the World Women’s Conference 2016 despite all the conflicts between their parties. In this spirit we decided upon the following resolutions (among others):

The 4th World Meeting of coordinators for the 2nd World Women’s Conference took place from the 10th till the 15th of March 2015 in Katmandu/Nepal. Together with the wonderful women of the eight women’s organizations (United Women’s Association) we make a call to all the women of the world:

Start NOW with the intensive preparation for the 2nd World Women’s Conference!

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Philippines: Free our women political detainees!



Liebe Freunde,
wir bitten um weitere Verbreitung/Veröffentlichung  dieser Bitte von Kapatiran und den politisch gefangenen Frauen in Manila.
Vielen Dank
Dagmar Eberhard i. A. Vorstand DeutschPhilippinische Freunde e.V.

Dear Friends,women_polprisoners02

Last Sunday (15 February 2015) Pido and I visited the women political detainees in the Female Detention Center — 4th floor — Taguig City Jail Building in Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, Taguig.  There are nine women political detainees and a two-month old baby boy.  They are: — Loida Magpatoc — Evelyn Legazpi–  Miguela Peniero– Gemma Carag–  Rhea Pareja– Marissa Escobido–  Pastora Latagan–  Andre Rosal– Madel Torres and her baby : Karl Ladimer Torres

Madel is a GABRIELA member and actively organized the women in their community in  Quezon province.  She is married and has a 3 year old son.  She was arrested sometime in mid-2014 when she came to Manila for a medical check-up because she was experiencing difficulties in her second pregnancy.  She was detained at the  Taguig City Jail and in November she was brought to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH)  in Manila where she gave birth on 19 November.

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