Wanted: A Woman for central organizational committee for WWC 2016


Monika and Halinka 25-03-15logo1 wfk 2016

To all worldwomen in Europe!

We, Monika and Halinka are back from a very successful meeting in Nepal.

We are sending you all decisions and resolutions as well as some pictures enclosed, so that you may have an impression of the meeting yourselves.

The most important result is that the eight women’s organisations in Nepal work together very closely and have set course for the World Women’s Conference 2016 despite all the conflicts between their parties. In this spirit we decided upon the following resolutions (among others):

The 4th World Meeting of coordinators for the 2nd World Women’s Conference took place from the 10th till the 15th of March 2015 in Katmandu/Nepal. Together with the wonderful women of the eight women’s organizations (United Women’s Association) we make a call to all the women of the world:

Start NOW with the intensive preparation for the 2nd World Women’s Conference!

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Philippines: Free our women political detainees!



Liebe Freunde,
wir bitten um weitere Verbreitung/Veröffentlichung  dieser Bitte von Kapatiran und den politisch gefangenen Frauen in Manila.
Vielen Dank
Dagmar Eberhard i. A. Vorstand DeutschPhilippinische Freunde e.V.

Dear Friends,women_polprisoners02

Last Sunday (15 February 2015) Pido and I visited the women political detainees in the Female Detention Center — 4th floor — Taguig City Jail Building in Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, Taguig.  There are nine women political detainees and a two-month old baby boy.  They are: — Loida Magpatoc — Evelyn Legazpi–  Miguela Peniero– Gemma Carag–  Rhea Pareja– Marissa Escobido–  Pastora Latagan–  Andre Rosal– Madel Torres and her baby : Karl Ladimer Torres

Madel is a GABRIELA member and actively organized the women in their community in  Quezon province.  She is married and has a 3 year old son.  She was arrested sometime in mid-2014 when she came to Manila for a medical check-up because she was experiencing difficulties in her second pregnancy.  She was detained at the  Taguig City Jail and in November she was brought to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH)  in Manila where she gave birth on 19 November.

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8 Resolutions of the 2nd coordinators meeeting ins South Africa on October 11-13


Worldwide meeting of the coordinators, October 11-13, 2013

Women gathered in South Africa for the 2nd  coordinators meeting preparing the 2nd World Women’s Conference 2016 passed the following resolutions: 

1. Resolution on Mary Zamora aus Ecuador

Women gathered in South Africa for the 2nd coordinators meeting preparing the 2nd World Women’s Conference 2016 want to express their solidarity with our comrade Mary Zamora, former UNE’s president (Union of Ecuadorian Educators) for her unjust and anti-democratic conviction of 8 years of prison due to the persecution of president Correa’s government to the real popular fighters.

2. Resolution on South African Mine Strikes

291.865 employees of mine industries in South Africa, Anglo-America Platinum, Kumba Iron Ore and Anglo-Ashanti, in strikes 40 workers were killed and 78 injured last year. That is ongoing strikes, demanding their wage increase and better conditions of work in all mine sectors. As women we express our solidarity with South African Workers.

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Press relase IWA against Women Trafficking


Press Release

4 February 2012

In commemoration of the Filipino-American War

Liza Maza of International Women’s Alliance warns:

Increased US military presence to boost prostitution and sex trafficking of


The International Women’s Alliance (IWA) raised alarm over the United States’ policy to increase military

presence in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific region under “America’s Pacific Century” project. This renewed

drive to militarize the region involves the deployment of more US troops and war materiel and the

acquisition of more facilities and access for military exercises, rapid deployment of forces and expansion of

basing rights.

IWA Chairperson and former Gabriela Women’s Party representative said, “The heightened US military

presence will increase prostitution and sex trafficking of Filipinas within and outside the Philippine borders.”

She added that, “Already Filipinas along with Russian women comprise the majority of foreign “entertainers”

working in so-called juicy bars near the US bases in South Korea. Many Filipinas likewise work as “singers”

and “dancers” in entertainment bars around the US bases in Okinawa and mainland Japan.”

IWA noted that where there is US military presence, there is proliferation of the rest and recreation industry





press release IWA against women trafficking – english