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European Coordinators
Suse Bader/ Germany
Halinka Augustin / Netherlands
January 29, 2017


Protestation against the arrest of Sharmista Choudhury! 

We have just heard about the arrest of our activist and companion Sharmista Choudhury, one of the leaders of the people’s movement for „land, livelihood, ecology and environmental protection“ by the Indian police! We as worldwomen demand her immediate release and complete integrity!

We heard about the brutal and coward ways of the police against the activist, about the murder of two activists and injured others.

We demand that the police will be hold accountable and punished for that.

We demand that the bereaved are supported financially.

Our deepest sympathy is with the relatives of the victims. We hope that the injured will recover soon!

Sharmista Choudhury is an activist of the worldwomen’s movement – behind her stand the worldwomen from all continents. We let the Indian government and its police know: Who attacks one of us, attacks all of us!

These news will go around the world!

We demand the immediate release of Sharmista and protest against the oppression of the protest movement!



Protestation against the arrest of Sharmista Choudhury!