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Workshop No. 10 „The Struggle for the Liberation of Woman“

Dear women / ladies / attendees ,

we are very pleased to discuss with you this important topic and are curious about the following debate.

You can expect two prepared contributions:

Songül Yücel, EKA (Labourer Women) from Turkey-Kurdistan

Susanne Bader and Christine Klauth from the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany

Reading today the classic  Marxist-Leninist literature about the topic of „The Liberation of  woman“ it is astonishing how intensely they looked into the subject (they chewed over the subject) of the women’s position and perspective. It was Mao Ze Dong who said the wonderful phrase: women carry one half of the heaven and they have to conquer it.

A new militant women’s movement is about to arise worldwide. Their trademarks are the tight  connection with  other movements of resistance in the world, an engraving role by the proletarian women’s movement, being without regard for affiliation, and its cooperation with Marxist-Leninist parties worldwide and its frankness for a liberated society.

Not one step on this way has fallen from sky, each success we have fought for. We had to overcome many resistances, as well in our own thinking: Did we take in hand too much ? Is it really worth the effort and so on …

Yes it is worth the effort and above all it has a future. Our consciousness is changing and this is necessary in a time when the general crisis proneness intensifies and our situation is getting worse and worse.

What are the objectives of the women’s movement, what is its perspective ? Isn’t it about time ( it’s high time) to free ourselves from anticommunism and to  deal with Socialism and its outlook for the women ? The author Thomas Mann called anticommunism the foolishness of the century – but we are no fools !

For the Marxist – Leninist Party of Germany the issue of the liberation of the women possesses greatest importance. We have come to the conclusion on the basis of our book „New perspectives for the liberation of women“ that social liberation of the working class and liberation of the women are two sides / threads of a common struggle for a liberated socialist society! This is one of our trademarks as a „Marxist-Leninist party of a new type“.

Our contribution focusses on two subjects:

the everlasting successes for the women in the construction of socialism and

the social reasons for the double exploitation and oppression of the woman.


The struggle of the Kurdish movement is based on a history of resistance that of Kurdish women for their identity, as ethnic women, and for their emancipation. Kurdish women human rights defenders have greatly contributed to the fight for the minority rights of Kurdish people and for gender equality in Kurdistan, in a climate marked by a number of challenges but, above all, new opportunities.

Today, millions of Kurdish women around the world regularly take the streets to struggle for their freedom. The current objective of the Kurdish women’s movement is to take the ideology global, because this ideology concerns all elements for a new societal model. This ideology not only promotes thinking, it is built on a reality. The women’s movement also presents a new project, that of developing a science of women – Jineology (the original version of this word is Kurdish and is derived from the Kurdish word for woman, jin. An exact definition would probably be womanology).

Workshop 10 Women’s Liberation Struggle

Concept Workshop No. 10: Women’s Liberation Struggle