Song Contest: For an Anthem of the Women and Girls of the World


Youth League REBELL

2 February 2016

Dear girls and women of the world, preparing the 2nd World Women’s Conference,

We are young women and girls of the youth league REBELL in Germany who prepare an international song contest at the World Women’s Conference in joint responsibility with women from Africa.

The slogan is „Women of the world are climbing the highest mountains – for an anthem of the women and girls of the world“. Such an anthem should be found in this international song contest. We need participants from all over the world, who express in their song courage, fighting spirit and confidence.

The conditions for participating in the song contest are:

  • Women and men of all ages can take part.
  • The majority of the group has to be female. Only a third of the group can be male.
  • Groups can take part as well as single artists.
  • There is no limitation relating to own or famous melodies.
  • There is no limitation relating to the number of participants of one country.
  • The content has to be „Women of the world are climbing the highest mountains“

The song contest will take place at the last evening of the World Women’s Conference. Those who cannot come to Nepal, can record her or their song as a video.

Please, send it by e-mail or give it to other participants of your country.

To finance the song contest, every participant has to pay 10$.

Please send your registration to

To this mail address, you can also send your video.


We need to know your name, your country, if you take part on your own or as a group (and how many members this group has) and if you will sing live in Kathmandu or participate by video.


We are looking forward to a fabulous contest!


Your Youth League REBELL