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From Halle to Heilbronn via Hanover and Saarbrücken is a lot in motion.

Monika from Halle report, that they almost have the money for their building helper and that they will expect the rest donations next week at the meeting of the “Hallenseschen women gathering”. Besides they have made an one-hour advertisement for the world woman conference in the free “radio of Halle”.

Ilse from Hanover report among other things from a successful diner of sponsors with tasty dishes from Nepal, from an irtend visit with the woman secretary from ver.di and that five womans can fly to Nepal-great!

Jutta from Heilbronn has a very special tip: A lot of mans tend to waste and rest their coins in jars, because they make their purses too heavy. From an “Audi_workmate” they have received a big bottle of coins all in all it was 600 euro! Therefore: Ask mans for such jars, shells, boxes, it is worth it!

Sabine from Saarbrücken a “ Feldenkrais educationalist” offers in the “ver.di house” a “rough lunch break”. This charity-club has contribute by eight participarts about 200 euros. Another contribution for the travelling expenses of Margaret from Uganda.

Look out: A good source of income are the already tradional “herring-diners” at Ash Wednesday. The womans from Courage in Saarbrücken have include 150 euros.

At my interviews I was able to feel the enthusiasm of the womans, active and mobilized to prepare the world woman conference. Now we must plan our financing and we must transfer them generous.

The countdown is flowing!

This is very important, with it all womans, especially the womans from Africa and east Europe are able to take part in the world woman conference. It is possible, to take a partnership over, that also more smaller groups can press it.

Of cource there are much more ideas and initiatives. I will stay curious about it.

Your donation organizer,


News from the donation organizer: Many a little makes a mickle.