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Monika and Halinka 25-03-15logo1 wfk 2016

To all worldwomen in Europe!

We, Monika and Halinka are back from a very successful meeting in Nepal.

We are sending you all decisions and resolutions as well as some pictures enclosed, so that you may have an impression of the meeting yourselves.

The most important result is that the eight women’s organisations in Nepal work together very closely and have set course for the World Women’s Conference 2016 despite all the conflicts between their parties. In this spirit we decided upon the following resolutions (among others):

The 4th World Meeting of coordinators for the 2nd World Women’s Conference took place from the 10th till the 15th of March 2015 in Katmandu/Nepal. Together with the wonderful women of the eight women’s organizations (United Women’s Association) we make a call to all the women of the world:

Start NOW with the intensive preparation for the 2nd World Women’s Conference!

Take responsibility for the conference!

Win many participants!

Collect much money!

Help to guarantee the full success of the mass program, the general assembly of the delegates, the cultural nights, the workshops and so on. Strengthen the organized women’s movement in your countries in preparing the 2nd World Women’s Conference!


Women are climbing the highest mountains 


The 4th meeting of the worldwide coordinators for the 2nd World Women’s Conference was informed about Greek/ Europe. The masses no longer accept the dictatorship of the “Troika”, that means IMF, Worldbank and EU. They fight against the shifting of the burdens of the world economic and financial crisis upon their shoulders. As a signal they elected the left party Syriza and their Prime minister Tsipras. Now the troika is blackmailing them. We encourage the Greek people and especially the women: don’t go back! Develop your struggle on an international level! GO FORWARD!

Like Clara Zetkin said:

Let us not be deterred by the disfavor of outer circumstances, let us have one answer to all difficulties: More than ever!

Following Nepal there is one important questions: We, the coordinators will found a worldwide organizational committee with a representative from each continent, each region. We coordinators do not think we are able to do this additionally. That is why we would like to ask you, who is ready and able to work in this central organizational committee? Until September the work will be done mainly by e-mail and Skype, together with the other Conferences. Afterwards surely one or more visits to Nepal are necessary and useful, as well as being in Nepal already several weeks ahead of the World Women’s Conference.

We are looking forward to your applications until the 1st of May, so we can give report to the other Coordinators.

Cordial greetings,

Your European Coordinators

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Wanted: A Woman for central organizational committee for WWC 2016