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Dear, Monika!



How are you? And hope you that you are well there. You may have surprise by having this unknown mail. As you know this is me Ruplal Moktan from Magapauwa Dolakha. Last time i had met you one of wonderful program-me that organized in Kathmandu at the Reports club. There was building construction handing over programme. i’m very much glad with you and all your member because we have got this memorable as well as good help from you which will help us to make our education better and will recover our wound that destroyed by earthquake.

Me former student of this school and one of responsible member of school management committee and looking to school good way. You helped us and led us to get to success to get goal of education. I always remember you for such help. My village, school,will remain with you.

My special than and best regard to all your member. Thank you.

Dear Ruplal!


How nice to read your email.

Thank you very much for your kind regards.

We also are very happy that our Nepal sisters found your school and that we could help for the children’s education.

Please give best wishes and affectionate regards to the teachers, children and parents.

Hopefully we will meet at world Women’s Conference in March next year?

Warm regards and all the best to all of you,


Thanks to world women for sponsoring the school