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Liebe Freunde,
wir bitten um weitere Verbreitung/Veröffentlichung  dieser Bitte von Kapatiran und den politisch gefangenen Frauen in Manila.
Vielen Dank
Dagmar Eberhard i. A. Vorstand DeutschPhilippinische Freunde e.V.

Dear Friends,women_polprisoners02

Last Sunday (15 February 2015) Pido and I visited the women political detainees in the Female Detention Center — 4th floor — Taguig City Jail Building in Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, Taguig.  There are nine women political detainees and a two-month old baby boy.  They are: — Loida Magpatoc — Evelyn Legazpi–  Miguela Peniero– Gemma Carag–  Rhea Pareja– Marissa Escobido–  Pastora Latagan–  Andre Rosal– Madel Torres and her baby : Karl Ladimer Torres

Madel is a GABRIELA member and actively organized the women in their community in  Quezon province.  She is married and has a 3 year old son.  She was arrested sometime in mid-2014 when she came to Manila for a medical check-up because she was experiencing difficulties in her second pregnancy.  She was detained at the  Taguig City Jail and in November she was brought to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH)  in Manila where she gave birth on 19 November.

 (Note: In June 2014 Andrea Rosal also gave birth to her baby girl at the PGH, but Andrea’s died one day later, because of the criminal neglect of the jail authorities (who refused to bring Andrea to the hospital)  while Andrea was undergoing labor pains.)

On 28 January 2015 the Taguig City Jail authorities forcibly brought Madel out of the PGH and back to jail — with her baby.  In the jail the baby can only get sunshine for a few minutes — Madel must stand by the small barred window.  The water for washing the baby is in a basin inside the toilet/bathroom area.  Madel breastfeeds her baby but she herself must eat nutritious food however–  the food rations in the jail is very poor.

Through the help of our  German friends we were able to give  some money to buy extra food, and other medications for Madel and also disposable diapers and other needs for Baby Karl.

We ask for your support in the campaign for the immediate release of  all political detainees — and especially the women detainees  Andrea Rosal  and Madel and baby and detainees who are elderly and seriously ill.

Thank you once more for your help.

Your friends — Pido and Medy

Philippines: Free our women political detainees!