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16 October 2023 – Platform World Women – Netherlands

Immediate release of Dr. Mariam – stop the deportation !
We demand the right to demonstrate in solidarity with the Palestinian people !

We, women from the Netherlands of the World Women’s Conference of grassroots Women, vigorously protest against the arrest of Dr. Mariam AbuDaka in Marseille, France and her impending deportation.

As a member of the Palestinian delegation, Mariam made an important contribution to the 3rd World Women’s Conference of grassroots Women in Tunis, 2022. Women’s organizations and women from more than 60 countries participate in this World Women’s Conference. We demand the immediate release of our friend Mariam. France must not deport her!

We also strongly protest against the fact that people in France and other countries in Europe are being banned from holding solidarity demonstrations to support the Palestinian people in their struggle for self-determination and national and social liberation. In the Netherlands, 15,000 people demonstrated on October 15. In a solidarity demonstration they showed their solidarity with the Palestinian people and their aversion to the 75-year oppression and occupation. Women, men, the elderly and young people from all levels of society demand freedom for Palestine and an end to the war against the Palestinian people. It is a shame that these demonstrations are being banned in France. The country that has freedom, equality and fraternity in her banner. We demand an immediate end to this ban on demonstrations!

Freedom for Dr. Mariam

Freedom for Palestine

Das Protestschreiben im PDF Original

Protestschreiben der niederländischen Weltfrauen gegen die Verhaftung von Dr. Mariam Daqqa