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January 29, 2018                               Kurdish Women’s Relation Office (REPAK)


Rise up for Afrin! Let’s defend the Women’s Revolution in Rojava!

Today is the 10th day of the attempt of the Turkish state to militarily occupy the Kurdish city of Afrin in Northern Syria (Rojava). Since January 20, 2018 the Turkish military and allied Jihadists are attacking Afrinfrom the ground and from the air. They are not only targeting the People’s and Women’s Defense Forces YPG and YPJ, who have been fighting the Islamic State bravely and effectively, but also civilians and cultural treasures in a conscious way. Until today according to official numbers from the Administration of Canton Afrin 60 civilians were killed and 153 civilians wounded during Turkish attacks.

Although the Turkish president Erdogan claims aim of this aggressive war is “cleaning it from terrorists” the systematic attacks on civilians, infrastructure and cultural heritage shows that the Turkish state wants ethnic cleansing. Statements of Turkish government officials, including the President and Prime Minister as well as video footage from Jihadists that fight with Turkey state clearly the real intention which is ethnic cleansing through massacres and forces displacement, the destruction of the pluralist self-government of Canton Afrin, the elimination of the collective will and autonomy of Kurds and the rejection of women’s leading participation in all parts of life.

Today marks also the 4th anniversary of the proclamation of the Democratic Self-Administration of Canton Afrin. Afrin sets an example for democratic and pluralistic self-administration in multiethnic and multireligious places. Although the majority of the population is Kurdish, Arab, Turkmen, Armenian and Assyrian people are living there, too. Afrin is home of Muslims, Christians and Yazidis. But they are all represented in the administration.

Download full call: REPAK Call for Afrin

REPAK: Call for Afrin