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Women on 25 November 2016

The time is ripe –logo-fightviolence-negativ

the women of the world are starting out!

„We will build a society where women are not discriminated, exploited and oppressed!“ This is stated in the call of the 2nd World Women’s Conference of grassroots women and is our obligation. The international day for the elimination of violence against women is one of our joint days of struggle and action.

The deep desire and growing activity of many people for a societal alternative is making the ruling powers uneasy. Their answer is reactionary, proto-fascist and extremely hostile toward women: terror by the fascist and deeply misogynist Daesh (IS). The ban of abortions shall be imposed, as well as child marriage, the murder of women, rape and female slave markets like in Shengal. Violence against women is not recognized as a reason for flight.

But we also experience how we are getting stronger step by step in the opposing struggle! …

Download Call:

Call for a day of action on 25th November for the elemination of violence against women