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Erbil, 30.04.2016 REPAK

Dear women of the world,

I hope you all are doing well.

I guess all of you are pretty busy after our successful 2nd World Women’s Conference in Nepal. It’s the same here in Kurdistan.

As you remember one of our decisions taken during the General Assembly was the formation of a women’s delegation representing the World Women’s Conference in solidarity with the resistance of the Kurdish people against the Fascist Turkish state.

This is more urgent now as the Turkish state is intensifying its repressions against KJA (Free Women’s Congress) – the umbrella organisation of the Kurdish women’s movement in Turkey. You may know that KJA is represented in the Middle Eastern Coordination of the World Women’s Conference. Therefore this delegation would also aim to show solidarity for KJA.

We made a meeting with representatives of KJA, who will make the whole preparations for the delegation including program, accommodation, translation, security etc. The final concrete program will follow but it will include talks with political representatives like HDP female members of parliament, female co-mayors of municipalities, activists of local self-government councils, families/relatives of civilians killed by state forces during curfews. Moreover the delegation will visit quarters/districts that have been under curfew and bombing. The delegation would also have the opportunity to make a press statement.

KJA proposed as date for the delegation 1 – 4 June 2016. The delegation would stay in the Kurdish town Diyarbakir. You would have to book your flight to Diyarbakir. KJA has some special agreements with hotels but you would also have the opportunity to be guest of Kurdish families. So beside the flight ticket you would not have great costs.

Please contact me: if you want to participate in the delegation. Please do note that we need to know who is going to be part of the delegation as soon as possible, at least until 10 May 2016, to be able to plan the rest. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask.


Meral Cicek
Co-Coordinator for the Middle East
Chairwoman of REPAK (Kurdish Women’s Relation Office)

Download Call:
160430 REPAK Aufruf call delegation world women’s conference

REPAK Call for WWC Delegation to Diyarbakir on June 1st to 4th, 2016