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„We want Shamla in Nepal!“

The young delegate Shamla Sarabi from Essen/Germany, born in Afghistan, was not allowed to come to WWC but was kept at the Kathmandu Airport by Nepali Authorities und forced to fly back with the next available airplane to Dubai. The reason given for this by Nepali Authority was that her passport, despite a fully valid, would not be readable by maschine.

This is a scandal. We organized a rally to Nepal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our African delegates from eleven African countries passed the following resolution which we all support:

Letter of protest  to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nepal

We, the African women’s delegation representing 11 African countries as part of the 2nd World Women’s Conference of grass-roots women from 13 to 18 March, 2016 in Kathmandu/Nepal, strongly condem the harrassment and deportation of Ms. Shamla Sarabi from Afghanistan, who has the right to live in Germany. Shamla is being deported on very unclear grounds. She has a valid passport and a valid visa so she has the right to enter Nepal. She is being held in Dubai against her will, thus refusing to be forcefully put on a plane to Germany.

Therefore we demand:

She is to be allowed to return to Kathmandu to participate in the 2nd World Women’s Conference, where up to a thousand women from more than 45 countries all over the world will gather.

– The Nepali goverment should take responsibilty for her most direct flight back to Kathmandu as soon as possible.

We stand in solidarity with her. If our demands are not met, we will organize appropriate action.

We the undersigned, representatives from the following countries

Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Eritrea, Tunisa, Morocco, Egypt, Congo, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghan

We want Shamla in Nepal!