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On the liberation struggle in Kurdistan and to the Kurdish women freedom fighters56 Nepalfrauen 2

Message to Kobanê  from Amrita Thapa, President of ANWA (Revolutionary) (All Nepal Women’s Association, Nepal

Friday 18.9.2015

My name is Amrita Thapa. I was a commissioner of the armed People’s Liberation Forces in Nepal. During the peace process I became a member of parliament and then also of the constituent assembly. I am now President of ANWA (Revolutionary).

As far as I know and our party has informed us, the struggle for national liberation in Kurdistan has been making progress for a long time. And in the Worldwomen’s process we had the opportunity to meet women fighters from the Kurdish movement. Our sister Özlem told us how the struggle is progressing and we learnt more details and we are very, very impressed in how militantly the process is going on and by the role women play in it.

After Özlem’s presentation we brought the leaders of our party and the representatives of the women’s organisations together and we gave them this information.  Thus we know that the women there have made great achievements, that they are fighting for equality in the movement and that they have achieved important positions. We learnt that besides the fight for national liberation, a strong women’s liberation movement has also developed. That was  particularly very important for the experienced leaders of our party. It is very important in our patriarchal-dominated system in Nepal. This knowledge also greatly encouraged the women and highly motivated them.

In the whole liberation struggle the rules are very hard and there is strict discipline in the armed movement and this is already a great challenge for men and even more so for women.

Despite all the difficulties and challenges that this work includes, we have seen how women have developed, how their consciousness has developed, how their degree of organisation has developed. We must maintain this; it is a great asset for the future. We are very proud that we are fighting for those without rights, for the oppressed and that we are all together moving forward on this basis.

Our struggle has taught us the following important lesson: After victory we learnt, that based on our position and strength, we also gained a strong position in the construction of the democratic nation of Nepal. But this is not the final victory. The final victory will only be gained when exploitation and oppression are abolished. Victory can also be taken away from us. Our enemy can come into power again; take away our rights again and for this reason our movement must work on. For this reason the revolutionary militant forces of the organisations must fight to gain victory and to secure victory. We must continue our struggle and watch out carefully if we keep control over all forces and aspects that weaken our movement.

I hope and wish with al my heart that the Kurdish movement will be successful in its struggle.

I would like to express my respect and send my best wishes to the Kurdish women fighters. I hope that we will meet in person at the 2nd World Women’s Conference which will be held in our country, Nepal.

We are very eager to welcome you here and to hear about your movement and that all Worldwomen will develop mutual solidarity with your revolutionary movement.

Thank you!

150918 Amrita Thapa ANWA Revolutionary Nepal Message to Kobanê – US

Greetings from Nepal to the women fighters in Kobanê