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Resolutions of the 4th world-coordinators-meetinglogo1 wfk 2016

from 10th  to 15th  March in Kathmandu, Nepal

  1. The 4th World Meeting of the coordinators for the 2nd World Women’s Conference took place from the 10th till the 15th of March 2015 in Katmandu/Nepal. Together with the wonderful women of the eight women’s organizations (United Women’s Association) we make a call to all the women of the world: Start NOW with the intensive preparation for the 2nd World Women’s Conference. Take responsibility for the conference, win many participants, collect much money, help to guarantee the full success of the mass program, the general assembly of the delegates, the cultural nights, the workshops and so on. Strengthen the organized women’s movement in your countries in preparing the 2nd World Women’s Conference!


Women are climbing the highest mountains.

  1. Young people in South Africa, girls and young men, are under massive drug attacks, which are destroying young people, under stress of their dark future, and prohibited from completing their studies, while sitting at home without jobs and other living conditions.

We women coordinating the World Women Conference are expressing our solidarity about the situation of young people in Africa and particularly in South Africa.

  1. In Nigeria, a group called Boko Haram is killing thousands of people, especially women and children are victims of this ongoing war in Nigeria. We, women coordinating the 2nd World Women’s Conference, express our solidarity and demand Boko Haram and others to stop their killings in Nigeria.
  1. We, the women of Asia comprising with respective coordinator and United Women Association,

condemn the increasing numbers of infant/girl child and rap, gang rape, killings and acid attacks. Likewise, we are seriously concerned about smuggling of women as well as about well-planned networking to exploit women through so called marriage bureaus and man power agencies.

Therefore, we urge all the human rights concerned stakeholders for world wide support of the Nepalese and Indian Women’s Movement against rape, gang rape and killings.

We also urge to stop all forms of exploitation in the name of culture such as dhoury (dowry), early marriage, multiple marriage and ensure the women liberation.

  1. We salute the women workers worldwide who fight against the shifting of the burden of the crisis by the governments on to the backs of the workers. We support the fight of the 595 Greek cleaning women who were sacked in September 2013 by the Finance Ministry and who have been fighting hard and continuously for more than one year to be reinstated in their jobs. In the Netherlands, in the last three years, more than 37.000 care workers have been sacked. We support the care workers and the cleaning women in the Netherlands, who these last years are in the forefront of the struggle against the government cuts and against the loss of jobs.
  1. The 4th World meeting of coordinators for the 2nd World Women’s Conference expresses its full solidarity with the struggling garment workers in Bangladesh. They fight hard for higher wages. But they also criticize leaders who are collaborating with the owners of the plants. We as world women plan to participate in the worldwide activities on the occasion of the two year commemoration of the Rana Plaza catastrophe. We demand full compensation for all victims and support our sisters in their struggle for better and safer working conditions.
  1. The 4th meeting of the world wide coordinators for the 2nd World Women’s Conference was informed about the situation in Greece/Europe. The masses no longer accept the dictatorship of the “Troika”, that means IMF, World bank and EU. They fight against the shifting of the burdens of the world economic and financial crisis upon their shoulders. As a signal they elected the left party Syriza and their Prime minister Tsipras. Now the Troika is blackmailing them. We encourage the Greek people and especially the women: Don’t go back! Develop your struggle on an international level! GO FORWARD!

Like Clara Zetkin said:

Let us not be deterred by the disfavor of outer circumstances, let us have one answer to all difficulties: More than ever!

  1. We condemn the attacks of ISIS against the Cantons of Democratic Autonomy, which is the legitimate self-administration of the people in Rojava. We salute the resistance of the Kurdish women against the attacks, that take aim at a revolution which has a female character. Moreover we are in solidarity with their efforts to establish a social and political order which rests upon gender-equality, democracy and pluralism.

In addition approximately seven thousand captured Yazidi women and girls remain in the hands of the ISIS. We are in solidarity with them and call the world women to put this issue on their agenda and take action for their release.

  1. Five women are murdered every day in Turkey, according to the government’s own statistics. At the same time, Ankara’s regional foreign policy and its lack of commitment to the peace process, internally mean that this peace process is now on life support.  There is a war on women in this country, just as there has been a war against the Kurds for decades.  For a peace process to succeed within Turkey, the state must stop supporting military solutions outside of its borders, and must build a just and lasting peace on two pillars. These are (1) guaranteeing equal rights for all women, and (2) guaranteeing the economic, social and cultural rights of the Kurds and all of Turkey’s minorities.
  1. The Middle East became a field of fire, which particularly effects life of women. Failed policies and strategies of the international community foment more violent extremism and radicalization. Women as activists for peace, rights and pluralism on one side, found themselves on the kill lists of ISIS and other extremist militias for simply daring to speak out for freedom. On the other hand they are harassed, threatened and arrested by state and occupation forces for daring to demand simple services from clean water to decent governance, basic rights, equality and leadership. We support the struggle of the women in the Middle East, which aims at peace, freedom, dignity, rights, pluralism and prosperity for all.
  1. We are seriously concerned about increasing news on rape in general and particularly gang rapes. Moreover it’s concerning that victims are still accused of having provoked these attacks on their body and mind. This “rape-culture” is threatening women and children all over the world. There is an urgent need for the women of the world to strengthen the struggle to stop all kinds of rape and sexual harassment against women and children.

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Resolutions 4th world-coordinators-meeting March 2015 in Nepal