For the liberation of women! * Call for a theoretical seminar in India!


The coordinators of the World Women’s Conferences of Basic Women and the organisation team in India will inform you about the current state of preparations!

Until today we have Registrations:

From the roof of the world from Nepal/Kathmandu

from Africa

from Latin America

from Europe,

The organisation team launches an advertising campaign in Asia

And for all women who would like to see more of India, the travel agency People to People offers the possibility of a subsequent trip.

You are in negotiations with a progressive Indian tour operator. The offer should be a group travel program, after the seminar. The duration: approx. 1 week, with the possibility of extending a few days, e.g. beach holiday.
Who has interest in it, should itself before the flight reservation with People to People journeys in connection set over email: or by telephone under 0209 1776560.
People to People Reisen will also be happy to advise you on your flight bookings and book the flights for you.
As soon as the travel program is finished, we will publish it on our homepage. If you are interested, please contact us directly, the friends of People to People will be happy to inform you.


The preparations for the content are also in full swing. The seminar is a contribution of the international militant women’s movement to the theoretical discussion about ways and goals of the liberation of women. It is a seminar of grassroots women. It is addressed to all interested women, factory workers, farmers, housewives, nurses, educators etc. You do not need to have studied or speak many languages. Every woman can participate in these discussions and contribute her diverse experiences. The theoretical processing of the diverse practical experience and life experience will help us to get a clear view in these troubled times.



Theoretical Seminar in India: Programme structure



Welcome and introductory presentation by the African representatives of world women.

Introductory speech by the Indian women’s organisation as hosts of the seminar.

Discussion of the participants.


Introductory speech of the Kurdish women’s movement for its study movement.

Discussion of the participants


Introductory speech by the European Coordinator as the idea giver of the theory seminar

Discussion of the participants

Closing speech by the African representatives of world women.

Evening Program Culture of the Continents


The concrete programme of the individual days will be published on the homepage soon.

Theoretical Seminar in India: Finances and Donations

Dear women, we know that the journey to India is an expensive thing for the basic women. As a non-partisan, financially independent and democratic movement, we have no donors. Our sponsors are like us, workers, friends and supporters of the militant women’s movement. The African women have suggested that they bring handicrafts and sell them at the seminar. The proceeds will be used to refinance their trip. This is a great idea. Maybe you have other ideas how to finance your trip then write them to us, we will put them on the homepage.

News from the International Theoretical Seminar from 2.12. – 4.12.18 in India/ Accommodation

We received the following details from the women of the Indian organizer teams regarding hotel accommodation:

dear women – Here are two very good and affordable hotels where delegates can book rooms:

  1. a) Metro le Royale

Phone number: 9739400123, 9739500123, 9739600123




  1. b) Sri Nandi Comforts

Phone number: 9880182823, 9886182823, 080-23210509

The country code for India is +91.

We are happy to welcome you in India!

Organizational Team

on behalf Deepa, Pramila, Shukla and Sharmista

News on the theory seminar in India from 2.12. – 4.12. and subsequent visits to women’s organisations

The organizers are writing from India:
“The seminar hall has been booked. Here are the details.  It is called Spoorthidhama and the address is:
Spoorthidama Campus, Anjananagar, Off Magadi Main Road, Bengalore – 560091.
E-mail :
The website is unfortunately not so meaningful, via google you could see photos and a map of the city:

can be done via the address of the European Coordinator:
You will then be redirected to India

Accommodations have to be found and booked by the travel teams or the women themselves. As soon as we have a list of hotels from India, we put them on the homepage.
The accommodation places in Spoorthidhama are very simple, mattress camps and dormitories for up to 20 women. We have no knowledge about the sanitary facilities.

Sharmista Choudhury is free! International solidarity and mass protests in the country are successful!


Our world woman Sharmistha and her fellow campaigners are free again!

We have just received this wonderful news from India:

“We thank you for the message of solidarity with Sharmistha. We are pleased to inform you that Sharmistha and the others who were abducted with her were released the same evening after a massive protest by the people.”

And further they write that the situation is very tense but Sharmistha and other activists are in a safe place.

“(…) We thank you again for your support and promise you that the fight will continue.”

Protestation of the World March of Women Kenya for the release of Sharmista Choudhury

World March of Women Kenya would like to strongly condemn the continued harrasment of Women Rights defenders in India. As we feel this pain with sisters around the world, we would also like to condemn the new forms of violence against women and social activistst. We are living in a critical context right now…and militarism which continually makes the civic space limited and limited….making the civil society voices lower and lower because the political space of civil society  is shrinking on a daily basis. 

it is sad…and we condemn the harrasment as we also wish our dear sister Sharmista well. 

A united women force around the world will shield and help address issues of women indepth. 


Sophie from World march of women – Kenya

Protestation of the Fortuna Workers/Bosnia for the release of Sharmista Choudhury

We, the workers of „Fortuna” Gračanica shoe factory and participants of European world womens conference of grasrootswoman, strongly condemn the brutal attack and abduction of activist Sharmista Choudhury and other leaders of the Bhangor-Movement!

As woman, workers and fighters for worker rights in Bosnia and Herzegowina we were also victims of physical and psychic attacks and it is our obligation to the society and to the world to stand up against such attacks on individuals and activist groups.
We demand for immediate and unharmed release of Sharmista and other activists!

We call on the government to take action against such criminal activities and also we call upon the government to take steps to protect the activists in the country.

Free Sharmista!

The workers of “Fortuna ” Gračanica Shoe Factory / Bosnia and Herzegowina

Tevgera Jinen Azad (TJA) from Northern Kurdistan: We condemn the brutal attack on Sharmistha Choudhury and leaders of Bhangor Movement!

World Women Conference activist and Bhangor Movement leader comrade Sharmistha Choudhury were attacked and abducted by gangs of the Ruling Party in West Bengal.

We fear that life of our sister Sharmistha and other leaders of Bhangor Movement are under threat.

We; as Free Women’s Movement (TJA) strongly condemn the brutal attack and abduction of Sharmistha and other comrades. We demand immediate release and call on the government to take action against these criminal activities.

Continue reading “Tevgera Jinen Azad (TJA) from Northern Kurdistan: We condemn the brutal attack on Sharmistha Choudhury and leaders of Bhangor Movement!”

Sharmistha Choudhury: Other voices of protest

On the abduction, detention, torture and brutal attacks against activist Sharmistha Choudhury and the other leaders of Committee for Protection of Land, Livelihood, Biodiversity and Environment.

We, members of Netherlands-based group Women for Women and Children, condemn in the strongest possible terms the abduction, detention, sexual violence, torture and brutal attacks against World Women and Bhangar movement activist Sharmistha Choudhury and the other leaders of Committee for Protection of Land, Livelihood, Biodiversity and Environment last 23 April 2018 in Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

While waiting for the District Magistrate in Alipore to file their nominations for the upcoming panchayat elections in West Bengal, activist Sharmistha Choudhury and other candidates of Committee for Protection of Land, Livelihood, Biodiversity and Environment were brutally attacked and severely injured by the ruling party’s goons. To prevent them from physical filing their candidacy, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) goons did not only snatch and tear their documents, but they also abducted and detained them for hours. While in detention, Sharmistha was molested and tortured.

These violent attacks show the ruling party’s disregard for a democratic and honest elections, as well as their desperate moves to eliminate opposing parties such as Sharmistha’s. The Committee for Protection of Land, Livelihood, Biodiversity and Environment has been a staunch opponent of the installation of a gas insulated power Substation in a 13-acre land forcibly seized by TMC local officials in 2013 in Bhangar.

Likewise, these attacks directed at sister Sharmistha and the other candidates are clear violations of their human and constitutional rights.

We, thus, call for justice for sister Sharmistha and for the other leaders of the Committee.

We also call on the government of India to take immediate and necessary actions against the violence and brutality perpetuated by the TMC goons.

At same time, we applaud sister Sharmistha and her fellow leaders for their courage during those violent moments with those fascist TMC goons.

We commend them for their defiance and militancy as they fight their way to represent the people of Bhangar and West Bengal in the panchayat elections and eventually in the state government.

Women for Women and Children (WoW), The Netherlands, 27 April 2018


Dear Suse,

Thanks so much for your up date regarding – Sharmista,  we Ugandan women we need a immediate realize  of  Sharmista  free Sharmista

We shall continue protesting

Concerned ugandan women, 25.04.2018


wereldvrouwenconferentie – nl

Madam, Sir,

With great indignation I received the message that this week Mrs. Sharmistha Choudhury together with other activists of the Banghor Movement was abducted in the State of West Bengal. That’s still more regrettable while Mrs. Choudhury and the other  disappeared people are working for many years for the benefit of the people in their state and land and at least Mrs. Choudhury also at international level in the international movement of rank and file women. Furthermore we are concerned to learn that there are indications that people associated with the government or government party should be involved in the abduction of Mrs. Choudhury and her companions. How could this be possible in what is called the biggest democracy of the world?

That’s why we urge you to do all you can to investigate this cruel and illegal abduction and to bring all this people sane and save home again.


Jan Verheul


The Netherlands




Martina Stalleicken, frauenpolitische Sprecherin der MLPD

Soeben erfahren wir von der feigen und ungeheuerlichen Attacke auf Sharmistha Choudhury. Sie ist Revolutionärin, Aktivistin der kämpferischen Frauen und Umweltbewegung. Als solche kenne ich sie persönlich und ist sie auch in Deutschland und natürlich international einer breiten Öffentlichkeit bekannt. Bereits im Januar 2017 wurde sie als eine der Führerinnen einer Volksbewegung ‘für Land, Lebensgrundlagen, Ökologie und Umweltschutz’ gegen eine von der Regierung forcierte Starkstromtrasse in West-Bengalen verhaftet – eine Bewegung, die Tausende in der Region vereint. Ein wichtiger und mutiger Kampf, für den hier besonders viele Frauen stehen, unter ihnen Sharmistha. Bereits hier hat eine breite internationale Solidaritätsbewegung erfolgreich den Kampf um ihre Freilassung unterstützt. Wir haben Erfahrung und werden nicht zögern, die Attacke auf Sharmistha breit öffentlich bekannt zu machen und genau verfolgen, wie sie aufgeklärt und Sharmistha wohlbehalten wieder zurückkehren wird und die Verantwortlichen zur Rechenschaft gezogen werden.