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European Coordinators
Halinka Augustin/NL
Susanne Bader/Germany


Agenda fort he 2nd European Conference

after the 2nd World Women’s Conference

14th April 2018

in Wartburg/ Switzerland


No Topic Responsibility Time
  Friday, 13th April    
  ARRIVAL and REGISTRATION Worldwomen from Switzerland  
  Saturday, 14th April   9 a.m.
1 Welcome and greetings Switzerland 15 minutes
2 Introduction of the delegations, guests present Coordinators 15 minutes
3 Discussion and decision about the agenda and rules of procedure Coordinators 15 minutes
4 Control of the 2016 decisions Coordinators 15 minutes
5 Report about the coordinators’ work from October 2016 – April 2018, including finances – discussion Coordinators 60 minutes
6 Country reports from the delegations

You will have the possibility to show pictures

Each country report 10 minutes max.= 1,5 pages

They should contain:

(1)  basic information about the country

(2)  situation and women’s struggle in your country from the end of 2016-2018

(3)  presentation of your (women’s)organisation and work

(4)  Ideas for improving our cooperation in Europe

We kindly request to send us your report until the 9th of April in written form

Each delegation for their country report



During presentation +5 minutes for the translation

3 hours
7 Podium for the young worldwomen Young worldwomen from the delegations 45 minutes
8 Further work, Theoretical Seminar in India 30th Nov-2nd Dec 2018, homepage Coordinators 60 minutes
9 Decisions and resolutions

Please bring your proposals with you

Coordinators 45 minutes
Expected end (including breaks) 6:30 p.m.
Cultural program in the evening

Bring along your ideas


Download Agenda: 180205 Agenda 2nd European Conference us

Download: Rules of Procedure: 180212 Rules of procedure for the 2nd European Conference us


Agenda and Rules of Procedure for 2nd Eureopean Conference