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Ingrid Dannenberg, Carl-Duisberg-Str. 8, 45772 Marl, und

Seyran Cenan, Steinmetzstr. 1, 44629 Herne, Tel. 02323-27003

To the miners‘ wives of the mates of the Hwange Colliery Co. ltd. in West Zimbabwe

Dear sisters,

We are miners‘ wives and women friends in the women’s association Courage from Germany. We have your seat strike before the mining company of Hwange Colliery Co. ltd. belongs. We wholeheartedly support your demands for the full payment of your men’s wages. Our husbands and sons, dependents promote and win the treasures of the soil under harsh and dangerous conditions. Our living conditions are poor because wages are not only too low to live decently, but they stagnate or sink. That’s why we miners families worldwide need wages that allow a decent life.

We Miner wives and girlfriends joined us for our special interests. In Germany, according to plans of the European Union and the mining company, the underground coal mining in 2018 will be closed. We are against the closure of the mines. We want a future worth living for! We are against fracking. Against the criminal endangerment of drinking water in the Ruhr area by the RAG (mining corporation). We are committed to the future of our families and children.

The miners‘ wives worldwide have similar problems. That is why we are also part of the World Women’s Movement and promote the union of women across national borders We would like to get in touch with you. Please write us and tell us about your sit-in strike and your life. A hearty happiness for the

Miners‘ Wives AG in the Women’s Association CourageIngrid Dannenberg and Seyran


Letter of solidarity to the wives of the mates of Zimbabwe