REPAK: Call for Afrin


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January 29, 2018                               Kurdish Women’s Relation Office (REPAK)


Rise up for Afrin! Let’s defend the Women’s Revolution in Rojava!

Today is the 10th day of the attempt of the Turkish state to militarily occupy the Kurdish city of Afrin in Northern Syria (Rojava). Since January 20, 2018 the Turkish military and allied Jihadists are attacking Afrinfrom the ground and from the air. They are not only targeting the People’s and Women’s Defense Forces YPG and YPJ, who have been fighting the Islamic State bravely and effectively, but also civilians and cultural treasures in a conscious way. Until today according to official numbers from the Administration of Canton Afrin 60 civilians were killed and 153 civilians wounded during Turkish attacks.

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International Appeal on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women


International Appeal on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

“On this day, 25 November, we unite forces with all women in the world to eliminate all form of violence. Our main concern is the fight for freedom, equality, justice, solidarity and, above all, peace.”

Continental Coordinators  – World Women Conferences Representative  – World March of Women Africa

In West Africa numerous women are caught up in battles. They do all they can to support the demands for better living conditions for everyone.

Women are the people most responsible for the survival of families and thus particularly vulnerable because the have to provide the bare necessities, also during battles. Despite all the risks, they have do carry out their activities accordingly. They organise themselves.

In Kenya many young people lose their lives in the fight against government troops. Women desperately seek platforms for a solution. The political situation demands that women raise their voices against oppression. In Nairobi a large peace demonstration denounced murder. But police and the military continue to kill. In Sudan we see that the decision of the people for independence subjects many women to great violence. In Somalia militarism remains a threat with terrorist attacks and bombs. It is not possible for women to gather together. Rape is used as a mass war weapon.

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2nd world meeting of the coordinators for preparation of 3 WWC




On October 25th and 26th there will be the 2nd world meeting (not publicly available, only for invited guests)) of the world coordinatory women to prepare 3rd World-Women’s Conference. The meeting will be held in the “Arbeiterbildungszentrum e. V., Koststraße 8 in 45899 Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The beginning of the meeting will be in the morning at 9.00 am.

We are happy that some international guests will attend the meeting. On October 24 there will be a welcome evening organized by the militant women’s council and the European coordinators followed by a cultural exchange.

In the name of Suse Bader, Zaman Masudi, Anne Wilhelm and Halinka Augustin.

Report on Africa Conference


2nd Africa Conference of grass roots women 

Bamako 23 to 25 MAY 2017
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The World Women’s Conference of grass roots women is an international movement of women which plays an important role in mobilizing grass roots women and their organizations for defending women’s rights given the various crises, that hit women with full force(due to poverty, unemployment, migration, climate change, violence based on sex, armed conflicts, wars e.g…)


The Africa Conference took place in Bamako from 23 to 25 May 2017. This meeting of African grass roots women is a logical consequence of the first meeting in Lomé which ran from 10th to 14th July 2012, in order to strengthen the movement on that continent. It took place with delegates from four African countries and with two German representatives of the worldwide women’s movement.


Download full report: 170707 Report Africa Conference_EN


Call for an International Day of Action against Feminicide on August 3rd!


Call for an International Day of Action against Feminicide 

Let’s make August 3rd the International Day of Struggle against Feminicide through our joint organization!

On August 3rd 2017 is the third anniversary of the genocidal attack by the so-called Islamic State (IS) on Êzidi (Yazidi) Kurds in the Northern Iraqi city of Sinjar. Starting on August 3, 2014 the attacks and massacres caused a humanitarian catastrophe but importantly had the genocidal objective of eradicating the whole Êzidi community. Women were systematically targeted within this genocide and therefore it also constitutes a feminicide.

On August 3, 2014 the world became witness to a genocidal attack by IS, having the ultimate goal of eliminating one of the oldest religious communities in the world, the Êzidis. Rendered helpless and defenceless when the peshmerga troops of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) withdrew from their positions in Sinjar without prior warning, the Êzidi community suffered systematic massacre, rape, torture, displacement, enslavement of girls and women and forced recruitment of boys as child soldiers.

Unofficial reports show that over 5 thousand women and children were kidnapped and sold on slavemarkets in the course of the assault. The women and girls were not only sold in Northern Iraq and Syria but also in countries like Saudi Arabia, where they continue to be held and exploited as sex slaves.

Download Call in English:
Call for an International Day of Action against Feminicide

Download Call in Kurmanci:
Bangawaziya ji bo roja calakiya navnetewî dijî qirkirina jinê

Download Call in Turkish:
Kadın Kırımına Karşı Uluslararas- Eylem Gunu İçin Çağrı

Support from the chair of the federal union of women in ver.di


Support from the chair of the federal union of women in ver.di – now more than ever.

We – the women in ver.di – would like to express our strongest support for the struggles and actions taken by our comrades of the GARMENT WORKERS TRADE UNION CENTRE.

Having followed your struggles for dignified wages and working conditions, the women in ver.di are deeply impressed by your activism and your ongoing mobilization. We are proud to show our solidarity to you — to workers – especially women – who rise against a system of exploitation that might seem impossible to defeat.

We in ver.di know how difficult this fight can be – even if you surely face problems and resistances we can hardly imagine. This is why it is important to us to show you that your voices are heard and you actions are seen here in Germany and in Europe.

In times of right-wing politicians on the rise who threaten reproductive rights and health care for women all over Europe and the U.S. and neoliberal politics that affect financial security of workers everywhere we feel the need to be an ally to working women all over the world.

Strong trade unions that voice the demands of working women are an important counterpart to capitalist exploitation and to those who hold power and wealth. To us, gender equality and women’s rights are at the heart of these struggles, since they are far too often neglected and under attack. To us, solidarity, exchange and cooperation with organizations all over the world are important values we would like to uphold. Rest assured that the women in ver.dioffer their support to you.

We will continue supporting your struggle on an individual and collective basis by reporting on your actions to our committee members, by further endorsing the Joly Project and by actively promoting the Clean Clothes Campaign – which implies asking critical questions on the origins of the clothes we buy and the conditions under which they were manufactured.

Lastly, we wish you an excellent and fruitful conference where courageous and fierce ideascan be discussed and shared.

The women in ver.di send their kindest regards from Berlin and stand beside you in


Barbara Henken

Chair of the Federal Union of Women in ver.di

Karin Schönewolf

Chair member

Karin Schwendler

Download: Solidarity Letter:

grußwort_women in ver.di_english

European coordinators call for March 8, 2017


Suse Bader, Germany – Europe Coordinator
Halinka Augustin, Netherlands – Europe Coordinator
Zaman Masudi, Germany – Deputy Europe Coordinator


Call for International Women‘s Day 2017, March 8

We want a social order in which women are truly liberated!

  106 years have passed since the German socialist Clara Zetkin proclaimed the International Women‘s Day at the II. International Conference of Socialist Women! Peace, in the face of the imminent imperialist World War I, jobs, and women‘s suffrage were central demands back then. It has been 100 years since the victorious October Revolution in Russia took place which brought about groundbreaking achievements for the liberation of women in socialism.

For 10 years we have been building a democratic movement for the preparation of World Women‘s Conferences which stands above party lines and which is financially independent!

Two successful World Women‘s Conferences, which were organised independently by the grass-roots women, resulted from this.  „Young World Women“ were born and have become involved actively: „No more violence – no more low pay – no more sexism – stop at the red line“ is their slogan. In only 10 years a World Women‘s Movement came into being which took roots in grass-roots movements and organisations in all continents. This transnational coordination and cooperation is farsighted and seminal. All over the world, women face great challenges. The mass of women carry the greatest burden because they have to go through their living conditions under the most difficult circumstances. World Women in Europe report how austerity programmes brought families poverty, hunger and hardship. There is no or only insufficient medical service – pregnant women are forced to deliver on tables and sick people are brought to the hospital by tractors. Women are increasingly exposed to sexual violence. Women belonging to minorities, such as Sinti and Romanies, are regarded as „fair game“ by their employers and the police. Sexism subordinates women and treats them as commodities, sex objects. In all  European countries, women earn less than men. Concerning vocation and career, they are discriminated against everywhere. When they become old, they live in poverty! The mass of women is doubly exploited and oppressed! It is the role in the family allocated to the woman by society which is responsible for this. More and more women  are getting into conflict with this. The militant women‘s movement in Europe demonstrates its force! Women are active in resistance commitees against the company VW and its criminal manipulation of gas emmissions. In the struggle for tariffs, employees of the health- and special-care services demand more personell or „Strike on the International Women‘s Day!“ This demand comes from Italy and the United States of America. Miner‘s Women were part of the 2nd International Miner‘s Conference in India. In Diyarbakir/Kurdistan, the Kurdish women‘s movement carried out an extraordinary congress for their struggle for freedom and democracy in the middle of a fascist dictatorship. Resistance is forming,  mass demonstrations and the occupation of parlaments etc. take place in Poland, Romania, Spain, France, the Netherlands and many more, against right-wing politics and governments. Worldwide, over 60 million people are refugees. Women and children are especially exposed to violence, arbitrariness and abuse. The war in Syria has created a humanitarian catastrophe of an unimaginable dimension. The World Women‘s Europe Conference in November 2016 took a stand: „We World Women of Europe oblige ourselves…to bond tightly with refugees in our countries,…and to support their demands to right of residence, legal papers, existencial help and the reunification of families. Together, we want to fight for our rights and our dignity!“

 It is necessary to build a new and independent World Peace Movement in order to combat the roots of imperialist wars. This World Peace Movement rejects to be in the pocket of any imperialist country of the world. Here, women must stride forwards constructively. The Europe of those in power is built on sand! The World Women‘s Movement is a movement of the future! Strengthen the militant women‘s movement in your country! Campaign with us for a future without expolitation and oppression and in which humans live in harmony with nature! Let us discuss and exchange our views about alternatives to this system based on profit!

„Women of the world will climb the highest mountains! We will build a society in which women are not discriminated, exploited and oppressed!“ (Resolution of Kathmandu – 2nd World Women‘s Conference of grass-roots women 2016)


170214 Call for International Women’s Day us






Protestation against the arrest of Sharmista Choudhury!


European Coordinators
Suse Bader/ Germany
Halinka Augustin / Netherlands
January 29, 2017


Protestation against the arrest of Sharmista Choudhury! 

We have just heard about the arrest of our activist and companion Sharmista Choudhury, one of the leaders of the people’s movement for „land, livelihood, ecology and environmental protection“ by the Indian police! We as worldwomen demand her immediate release and complete integrity!

We heard about the brutal and coward ways of the police against the activist, about the murder of two activists and injured others.

We demand that the police will be hold accountable and punished for that.

We demand that the bereaved are supported financially.

Our deepest sympathy is with the relatives of the victims. We hope that the injured will recover soon!

Sharmista Choudhury is an activist of the worldwomen’s movement – behind her stand the worldwomen from all continents. We let the Indian government and its police know: Who attacks one of us, attacks all of us!

These news will go around the world!

We demand the immediate release of Sharmista and protest against the oppression of the protest movement!



European Coordinators congratulate Women’s March in the USA


European Coordinators in the World Women’s Conference process

Halinka Augustin / Netherlands
Suse Bader / Germany
Deputy European Coordinator
Zaman Masudi / Germany

24th January 2017


Women’s March on Washington – America’s women start a mass march!


Congratulations to the American women for their powerful, self-confident and meaningful march on the capital against the new president Donald Trump, his cabinet and his policy.

With around 1 million participants you made history! 

As European Coordinators in the Worldwomen’s process we are sending our militant greetings from continent to continent to all activists of the Women’s March on Washington!

This mighty mass demonstration united women of all ages, strata, professions and nationalities across the whole country! Women stood up on a massive scale!

Often they took on long and tiring journeys to speak with a united voice:

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