Declaration of the European Coordinators of the World Women’s Conference International Safe Abortion Day September 28, 2020


Abortion must be a health service and must be easily accessible, legal, safe and free of charge for the broad masses.

28 September is the International Day of Safe Abortion. It was first organised in 1990 by the Campaña 28 Septiembre as a day of action to decriminalise abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2011, 28 September has been declared International Day1. The date was chosen in accordance with the “Law on Free Birth” adopted in Brazil on 28 September 1871, which was intended to grant freedom to the children of slaves in Brazil.

Brazil 2020: Women and girls experience the rebirth of the Middle Ages under President Bolsonaro and the influence of the Catholic Church – every 15 minutes a child under the age of 13 is raped, but a legal, safe abortion is almost impossible. Therefore orphans are offered on the catwalk2!

Worldwide we see a trend towards ultra-reactionary and fascist governments, the dismantling of democratic rights and freedoms, including the right to self-determined pregnancy.

All over the world, women’s awareness in the fight against the development of the law has awakened. Their cry for self-determined pregnancy is a departure from patriarchal structures.
The control of sexuality and reproduction is part of the particular oppression of women under capitalism. It serves to uphold the system. Coupled with the patriarchal-reactionary influence of the church, stricter laws are enforced.
They pretend to “protect unborn life” and kick existing life with feet:

Poland‘s rights: “Abortion is a pandemic, much worse than the coronavirus “3
President Trump, USA is in favour of “abortion murder” paragraphs and has a hysterectomy performed on imprisoned immigrant women!4 President Erdogan, Turkey, uses his army specifically for rape as a weapon of war against Kurdish women and freedom fighters. In Germany, so-called life protectors are allowed to criminalise doctors on the basis of a paragraph from Hitler-fascism.

On the other hand, 100 years ago in 1920 the former Soviet Union passed a criminal law on sexual offences with impunity for abortion! This shows that the struggle for self-determined pregnancy must be fought as part of the struggle for the liberation of women! This also requires us to look beyond the ruling social system. Our visions reach far – how will the liberation of women become reality? We call out to you, become actors of the future, come with us to

3rd World Conference of Basic Women 2021 after Tunisia/Tunisia!

[1] Globales Netzwerk für Frauenrechte für reproduktive Rechte (WGNRR)
[2] Brigitte 27.05.2019
[3] “Stiftung Lebem und Familie”, polnische Organisation, Katja Godek, Mitinitiatorin Gesetzesentwurf
[4] Women’s March 16.09.2020

International call concerning Corona Pandemia


The international militants women’s movement’s
international call and catalogue of demands
to all governments of the world

We demand protection- We do not want a state of emergency but a liberated world!

Without us women there is no solution to any of the urgent problems of this time. We women unite in the fight for a future worth living for all mankind. We do not agree with the way we are governed. We have learned from the past. The world economic and financial crisis of 2008 brought profits to banks and monopolies while the burden of the crisis was shifted onto workers, women and families. With this international call we rise up. We are managing this everyday crisis. We make our demands to the governments and monopolies. NOW!

The Corona pandemic is spreading over our countries and continents. It has already killed more than 100,000 people worldwide. We mourn the loss of these people and feel connected to their loved ones. Why do so many people have to die? Because capitalism has created a worldwide health crisis, and health systems are collapsing. There is a lack of protective clothing for doctors, nurses and carers. There is a lack of protection for the population. Old and sick and poor people are not being treated. This is a scandal. What is already dreadful for the rich industrial nations is a catastrophe in the poor countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and for refugees. We are fighting for a health system in which people are the centre of interest.

We accuse the capitalist profit economy of putting profit before people. While on the one hand the spread of the virus is to be slowed down by means of contact bans and curfews worldwide, the workers in the industrial plants, the textile factories, have to continue working very close to each other.

We demand worldwide:

  • Extensive protection of workers in the textile industry, in the industrial plants, a ban on dismissals and lay-offs, continued payment of wages in case of plant closures, increase of salaries and reduction of working hours with full wage compensation!

  • Effective protective clothing for doctors, nurses and nursing staff!

  • Free, mass testing of all people in the neighbourhoods where we live!

  • Immediate expansion of the medical infrastructure!

  • Creation of new jobs and traineeships in the nursing sector!

  • Free distribution of protective masks and disinfectants!

  • Free care and medication for the sick!

  • The money for this must be taken from the big corporations and from the gigantic military budgets!

Although so-called “simulation games” have long been in place to prepare countries for an epidemic, no government in the world has taken appropriate precautions. All governments are misinforming, some are even belittling the pandemic with serious consequences.

We denounce those who steal protective equipment out of national selfishness, export protective equipment for pure profit while leaving their own people without protection, or poach care workers from poor countries.

We demand worldwide coordinated research and development of vaccines, medicines, for all people! No enticement of qualified personnel!

The current crisis demonstrates an overwhelming, transnational solidarity of working people. It reveals creativity, inventiveness and courage. Women are at the centre of the organisation of this day-to-day crisis life worldwide: in the care professions, in trade, in families. We are prepared to give everything for life, we support measures necessary for our health, but we are angry when our willingness to make sacrifices is exploited to reduce our rights and freedoms.

We demand broad information campaigns instead of state violence by the military and police, threats of arrest and warnings! We will not let our hard-won rights be taken away! No state of emergency exercises!

We condemn these measures!

Due to the curfew, women in Africa, Asia, Latin America can no longer sell their goods, they have no money, no food – famine is threatening people in the poverty-stricken areas of the world. Migrant women and refugees are particularly affected worldwide. Day labourers, migrant workers work in provinces that are often far away from their homes. The factory owners have thrown them onto the streets without pay, and they too are dying of hunger. The police and the military are often brutal. Farmers can no longer sell their crops.

We demand:

  • Financial security for day labourers, migrant and temporary workers and for small traders!

  • Acceptance and distribution of agricultural products by governments!

  • Free distribution of food to poor families in cities and rural areas!

  • Running, clean water for every household!

  • Comprehensive measures for the most vulnerable: refugees, poor, homeless!

  • Dissolution of the refugee camps and safe housing for them!

  • Fight against racist attempts to create division!

We condemn these measures!

For the majority of the population, curfew actually means living together in a small space, with hardly any opportunity for a break or personal retreat. No school, no kindergarten, no work. This increases domestic violence against women and children. Women take care of the mental, emotional and physical health of all family members without paying attention to their own needs.

We demand:

  • Ban all evictions and foreclosures

  • Prohibition of giving the tenant notice of termination in case of overdue rent!

  • State aid, hot meals, and emergency care for children and old people!

  • Teaching and learning materials as well as help for children in case of school closures!

  • Information in the media for victims of violence!

  • Help and provision of rooms for the accommodation of victims of violence!

  • Use networks to outlaw gender-specific violence!

Women of the world, the corona crisis is a historic challenge and we are responding to it with a historic step. Across continents we have agreed on this call and these demands. The Corona crisis reveals a systemic crisis. Capitalism is not able to provide us with a life in dignity. So we take matters into our own hands. Today we can see once again that women are “essential” to the system. And this awareness gives us strength to fight for our demands. Therefore we have to develop the international cooperation we have already started to a higher level:

  • We strengthen our solidarity with one another and coordinate our activities across ideological differences as an international movement.

  • We share forms of struggle such as “noise demonstrations”, banging with pots, and find new ones.

  • For the poorest countries, debt relief is needed.

  • The ruling monopolies must pay for the crisis – not the broad masses. This can be done through a special tax.

  • We must fight for better working conditions and higher wages.

Only if we organise ourselves we will become a force, in trade unions, in neighbourhoods, in women’s associations. Strengthen the world women’s movement of the World Women’s Conference of grassroots women. A great opportunity for this is the World Women’s Conference of grassroots women in Tunisia at the end of 2021.

Let us be like a olive tree
Rooted in the earth
Reaching for the sun and strong
Nobody and nothing can break us!

Call for Womens’ Day 2020 from AIRWO India: Resist fascism! Fight for equality and dignity for women!


Even as the divisive, communal and sinister CAA was passed amidst surging protests throughout the country, led in great part by women and youths, atrocities against women and the relentless pauperization of the masses have continued to rise steadily.

We are approaching the International Working Women’s Day at a time when Indian women are not only facing unprecedented violence but also being deprived of decent jobs and wages and being pushed into an existence of dependence and penury. Data released by the National Crime Records Bureau have revealed that a total of 2,249 unemployed women committed suicide in 2018. The total number of suicides by unemployed women and men surpassed that of farmers and serve as a harsh comment on the state of joblessness and poverty in the country.

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Women of the world weave a bond of solidarity! Call for the 3rd World Women’s Conference of grassroots women 2021 in Tunis!


From the Andes, to the Rocky Mountains, from Ayers Rock to the Alps, from the Himalayas to the Urals and Atlas, our call resounds and becomes an outcry that spreads across the world – echoing in the metropolises until it finally reaches every corner of the earth! It embraces more and more women. Let us weave a bond of solidarity together!

Come to Tunis for the 3rd World Women’s Conference 2021!

Tunisian women textile workers are fighting against work stress, gender discrimination and violence at work. Courageous strike leaders are put on black lists. Women textile workers in Bangladesh fight unionized for a minimum wage that is enough to live on. They defy prison and violence. They all form the backbone of the militant women’s movement.

In Iran the embers of the revolution are re-ignited, women stand up – defying death – against the Islamist-fascist mullah government. Their demand for women’s rights is connected with the struggles of the workers. Indigenous women of Latin America fight for the future of the children and the planet. They call out to the world: Save our mother earth!

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Proposal for the Agenda for the European Conference of the WFK on 9 May 2020 in Srbrenik/ Bosnia


European Coordinators

Halinka Augustin/Netherlands

Susanne Bader/Germany


No. Subject Responsible Time
  Friday 08. May    
  Arrival and registration


In the evening a friendly “welcome”

World women from Bosnia

All of us

  Saturday 09. May   9:00
1 Welcome and greetings Bosnia 15 min
2 Presentation of the present

Delegations and guests

Coordinators 15 min
3 Discussion and decision on the

Agenda and Rules of Procedure

Coordinators 15 min
4 Review and control of 2018 decisions Coordinators 15 min
5 Report on the work of the

Coordinators from April 2018 to April 2020, Discussion

Coordinators 45 min
6 Delegations’ country reports
You also have the possibility to show photos

Each country report maximum 10 minutes = 1.5 pages

Reports should include:
(1) basic information about the country
(2) Situation and struggle of the country’s women in the period from the end of 2018-2020
(3) Presentation of your women’s organisation(s) and work
(4) Indications for the higher development of our cooperation in Europe.

We ask you to send us your country report by 24. 4. 20 at the latest in writing

Each delegation for its own country report


plus 5 min at the lecture for the translation

180 min
7 Work to be done, roadmap for the 3rd WFK and resolutions of the 4th World Meeting in Erfurt 2019 Coordinators 105 min
8 Financial independence – trademark of the World Women’s Conferences Coordinators 15 min
9 Resolutions and resolutions

Please bring your suggestions

Coordinators 45 min
  Expected end (including breaks)   18:30
  Evening cultural programme

Please bring ideas for it

All of us  


On Sunday there is a cultural program of our hostesses.



Solidarity with the Kurdish Women and Liberation movement in North East Syria


European Coordinators of the
World Women’s Conference of Grassroots Women
Susanne Bader/ Germany
Halinka Augustin/Netherlands
Deputy European Coordinator:
Zaman Masudi/Germany

14th October 2019


To the Continental Coordinators of the World Women’s Conference

Solidarity with the Kurdish women- and liberation movement and all people

in Rojava/Northeast Syria!

We World Women strongly condemn the war of aggression against Rojava/Northeast Syria by the fascist Erdogan, his state and military, which is violating international law!

We have stood side by side with our Kurdish friends in many cities of our countries since the beginning of this imperialist attack on the liberated territories.

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Statement of the European Coordinator of the World Women’s Conferences on the occation of the European elections in May 2019


European Coordinators
of the  World Women’s Conferences of grassroots women

Halinka Augustin / Netherlands
Susanne Bader / Germany

Statement of the European Coordinators of the World Women’s Conferences of the grassroots women on the occasion of the European elections 23-29 May 2019

To the women of Europe! A Europe – without nationalism!
Thousands of people all over Europe took to the streets at the weekend to achieve this. They stand up for peace, friendship among peoples and against nationalism. Their concern – no vote for right-wing parties in the European elections. The militant women’s movement was a critical part of it. Critical why? If you believe the election posters of the bourgeois parties, the words of government representatives, our vote on election day is enough to create a united and peaceful Europe. We should choose “the lesser of the evils” so that the right-wing fascistic parties do not enter the European Parliament. But what do the promises of the bourgeois parties and governments bring to the masses of women – we express our opinion !

Europe – borderless?!
The EU tightens asylum laws, stops the sea rescue “Sophia” and expands the border police “Frontex” from 2000 to 10,000 soldiers! The UN refugee agency UNHCR calls the crossing from Libya to the EU “the deadliest sea crossing in the world”. The Mediterranean Sea has become a mass grave.

The EU – a peace power?!
The EU stands for massive armament and additional expenditure of all national defence budgets. For the establishment of a defence fund with 13 billion euros, for “military mobility”. For this, civil development projects such as “Brot für die Welt” (Bread for the World) are to receive less money.
The EU continues to supply weapons to Saudi Arabia. Its satellite navigation system “Galileo” was developed as a competitor project to the USA GPS system and also serves military purposes.

Europe – for equality for women?!
Throughout Europe, women earn on average 16 percent less than men. In the capitalist system, women are primarily responsible for private household and family management. That is the basis why around 31% of women in Europe work part-time. The compatibility of work and family life is an illusion. Childcare places are expensive and the supply is insufficient. The daily crucial tension of women is a real one.

Europe – women-friendly?!
Women in Europe have no right to self-determined pregnancy or abortion – laws, churches and the state regulate women.
Europe – borderless, peace-loving, for the full emancipation of women – that is not possible with the bourgeois parties and their representatives. They have all long proved that they serve the good of the monopolies! In order to enforce our demands, we must organise ourselves and unite much more closely. Women’s awareness has awakened on a broad front. The militant women’s movement in Europe is visible, audible, active in the whole spectrum of life and work. Boundless – women of all ages organize actions, fights and days of struggle:

  • in France, 250,000 civil servants in 150 cities, many women, against President Macron’s “reform plans”
  • in Spain, on International Women’s Day, six million against violence against women
  • in Belgium the European campaign for the self-determined right to abortion and against the patronising of church and state took place
  • in Germany, nurses at the Celenus Clinic in Bad Langensalza (Thuringia) won a collective agreement after 220 strike days against lockouts and threats of dismissal.
  • in the Netherlands, nursing staff, nurses struggle for better working conditions
  • young women, girls and boys all over Europe are active for the environment and the future in the FridaysForFuture movement.

The militant women’s movement in Europe is part of the world women’s movement. With two world women’s conferences and a theory seminar on the liberation of women, we have created an international grassroots movement that coordinates and cooperates across national borders and continents.

We call to you:
“Let us discuss alternatives to this capitalist system, let us find and fight for them!
There can be no radical change in the situation of women without drastic and fundamental changes in the political, economic and social system. The movement for the liberation of women must unite with the struggle for fundamental social changes”…. “We are contributing to the building of a new peace movement”.

kind regards,

Halinka Augustin, Netherlands and Susanne Bader, Germany

European Coordinators of the worldwomens conferences of grassroots women




International Theoretical Seminar : Introductory speech by the Kurdish Women’s Movement


PDF Download: Introductory speech by the Kurdish Women’s Movement V01 EN

Introductory speech by the Kurdish Women’s Movement

International Theoretical Seminar on Women’s Liberation

2-4 December 2018 – Bangalore

Dear women, dear comrades, dear sisters,

We are honoured to be in the presence of such revolutionary, struggling women. We are especially grateful to our Indian comrades for hosting us and making this historic gathering possible. On behalf of the Kurdish women’s movement, we salute you and your resistance.

We thank the organizers for dedicating the venue hall to our precious comrade Sakine Cansiz. Sakine Cansiz, nom de guerre Sara, born 1958 in Dersim, was one of the co-founders of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party. She was detained in 1980 in the infamous military prison of Diyarbakir, where she was tortured brutally. As a leading figure of the prisoner’s resistance she became a living legend. After her release in 1991, she joined the Kurdish guerrilla. She played a special role in the founding of the Kurdish women’s guerrilla and the autonomous organisation of women within the Kurdish liberation movement. On January 9, 2013 together with two of her comrades, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Saylemez, she was assassinated by the Turkish intelligence in Paris/France. , Comrade Sara has been a symbol for women’s resistance during her lifetime and continues to drive our struggle beyond her death.

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Theoretical Seminar of the World Women’s Movement: Introductory Presentation on the Liberation of Women (3rd Day)


PDF Download: Lecture Womens Liberation Dec 2018 India_EN_ec

Monika Gärtner-Engel and Halinka Augustin, November 2018

Dear friends and comrades,

I will read out a joint presentation written by Monika Gärtner-Engel, the former European coordinator and a provider of ideas for the World Women’s Conference and this seminar – and by myself. Monika is also the co-author of the book, New Perspectives for the Liberation of Women, which has been translated into seven languages to date and is studied and discussed in many countries worldwide. Unfortunately, she cannot participate herself but sends us warm greetings and best wishes for success. Although she cannot be present we asked her to contribute to this speech on the topic, which is based on the above-mentioned book! I will now read out the contribution.


Dear friends and comrades,

During recent years, the international militant women’s movement has obviously strengthened itself, accomplished great achievements through struggle, and has made significant progress.

Let us just look at the last few months:

  • Thousands of female workers of You Li International in Cambodia have been fighting since July. Shorter time allowances worsen the working conditions. The wages of the workers who do not fulfill the targets are cut; this also applies to pregnant women.
  • In Swaziland on 18 September, 10,000 female and male workers from five textile plants went on strike for higher wages and better working conditions – despite being violently attacked by the police.
  • Since the end of September, in Indonesia thousands of female workers of the garment factory PT II Jin Sun have been on strike, because their wages have not been paid for months.
  • For two months, female textile workers in Myanmar went on strike for better working conditions. Their demands were largely fulfilled. The management sent in gangs of thugs. Since that time, the women have been organizing a protest camp in front of the gates.
  • At the end of October 3,000 female workers of the garment factory Ivory Vietnam went on strike against too many extra shifts, low extra pay, and too expensive canteen meals.

Conclusion: more and more women are becoming part of the international industrial proletariat and the working class. They constitute the backbone of the militant women’s movement. The numerous female textile workers are in the vanguard worldwide.

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