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  1. Our readers are very interested in the mood of the people in Greece. What is your opinion on the blackmailing by the EU?

Μost people here in Greece, consider the referendum an act of resistance to the lenders. No interest the real question but the act of the referendum. After five years of tough austerity they all know now, that the EU is wrong created. They want to stay in the EU but to change Europe.They want to have jobs and the country to become productive. They can not understand that there is not production because we are in the EU. Just their request  to change something that is structured from the beginning against the people and in favor of capital.However, in the minds of citizens, the EU-IMF-ECB is loan sharks, which with the help of the older governments oppress our democracy.My opinion is that there must be a break with the EU and the people to decide freely and without restriction to their  fate. Be able to choose freely and to produce what has need.They blackmailed by the EU-IMF-ECB and the media scares us but I think that comes the beginning of the end for all of them.


  1. How has the situation of especially the families and women been developing during the last months?

Practically nothing has changed. The working conditions, the sector of health, education, nutrition is the same. The government tried to measures taken for the humanitarian crisis to help but unfortunately very few citizens are entering these programs. There are no jobs and where can be found, is in slavery conditions. Without eight hours with very little wages and uncertainty about whether there is work for the next day.


  1. What are the struggles that your initiative/organization are leading against the crisis dictate of the EU?

We try with meetings, mobilizations and events to inform citizens about the real cause of all who live. We participate in kinematic actions (demonstrations, lectures, festivals, etc.), so as to demonstrate in practice that the fight never wasted, only that which is not given.

Greece: Interview with Sophia Roditi from the steel workers’ women from Aspropirgos