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Here are my answers to your questions:

Our readers are very interested in the mood of the people in Greece. What is your opinion on the blackmailing by the EU?

1-Greek people realize the blackmail by the Troika and Eurozone leaders, who play an unfair game, believing that  by creating economic  asphyxia among  greek society, the government will collapse.

We should , also, underline their cooperation with the opposition parties ,as they would like to accelerate the end of “the left intermezzo” in Greece!

They  provoked the closure of banks, by stopping currency by the ECB,leading to capital control, fact that makes some people (mostly pensionners  ) to feel insecure due to lack of cash.

In one hand they realize the purpose of such blackmail and are supportive to the government, in the other hand they worry about the “day after”.

They  feel anger rather than  fear for the future.

  1. How has the situation of especially the families and women been developing during the last months?

2-At the end of 5 years recession greek society is no longer the same than it used to be.

40% of the population has no access to public health system and medication. 28% ”                ”     is unemployed, 65% among the young people, 55% among women.

Over 36% of greeks live in poverty or social exclusion.

Due to severe cuts in Public area and  Health, diseases reappeared, such are malaria, tuberculosis, HIV infections etc

Perinatal mortality increased by 40%….


The new government speaks loud of the hummanitarian crisis as a visible ,direct outcome of  previous austerity policies.

They took urgent measures for immediate relief of the most vulnerable groups, voting a new law that has already gave the opportunity to more than 700.000 individuals ,who applied  to receive assistance ,and access in 3 priority areas : electricity, housing, food.

Although solidarity clinics-pharmacies still provide services to the vulnerable, free entrance to hospitals is possible for all now.

  1. What are the struggles that your initiative/organization are leading against the crisis dictate of the EU?

3- Our struggle for full access to humman rights continues ,both on national and international levels.

It is not a local crisis, but a european one,and so we realize that a joint effort shoud be made with all left and progressive movements across Europe, in order to stop the degradation  of our lives caused by EU leaders/banks/multinationals.

Information to all about the truth is a critical issue.

We fight for dignity of our patients, for a new political Charter of Europe based on principles and common values, respect of humman rights,equality to development opportunities for all the peoples.

In this purpose we organize a campaign through media,and all of our partners.

I have contributed as member of the Parliament Truth committee on greek debt ,in co writing it s preliminary repport(  June 18/2015)

Please find the above text on the internet ,in english, as we believe is a strong  “weapon” against all those who dictate  / impose policies in the profit of capital, without taking under concideration peoples wellbeing ,as they are obliged to do.


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