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Let’s make this day a day of struggle for world peace!

World Women demand: No second Hiroshima! No second Nagasaki!
Destruction of all nuclear, biological and chemical weapons!

Hiroshima reminds: on 06.08.1945 the imperialist USA threw the first atomic bomb and destroyed at one blow about 250.000 people. Until today the radiation affects man and nature. Worldwide, imperialist governments are actively preparing for the possibility of a nuclear third world war. In 2022, there are about 12,700 nuclear weapons in nine countries worldwide. The U.S. and Russia are the two largest nuclear powers in the world.
World women, together with the workers-‘, peoples’, indigenous and youth movements, are building a front across national and continental borders against imperialist warmongering with the threat of nuclear contamination and destruction of people and nature!

We stand up and say NO! No nuclear war!
We demand from all nuclear powers the obligation never to carry out a nuclear first strike.

Answers from Continental Coordinators:

Chères collègues,
Sans hésiter je réponds favorablement à cet appel pour la journée d’Hiroshima contre la guerre nucléaire !
Nous devons éviter à notre Monde déjà croupissant sous les effets néfastes antérieures
des précédentes guerres d’en subir une autre car nulle n’en serait épargné !!
Marie -Paula


Dear colleagues,
Without hesitation I respond favourably to this call for the Hiroshima Day against nuclear war! We must prevent our World, already languishing under the previous harmful effects of previous wars, from suffering another one because none would be spared!
Marie -Paula

Buenas tardes, desde Lima – Perú la ASDEMULP lanzamos nuestra voz de protesta ante todo hecho de ataque nuclear que afecten y peligren la vida de los seres humanos y a su vez en contra del medio ambiente.
Nuestra posición es NO AL ARMAMENTISMO Y GUERRA NUCLEAR en contra de nuestros pueblos hermanos.

Edith Castro M.


Good afternoon, from Lima – Peru the ASDEMULP launches our voice of protest against any nuclear attack that affects and endangers the lives of human beings and at the same time against the environment.
Our position is NO TO ARMAMENTISM AND NUCLEAR WAR against our brother peoples.

Edith Castro M.

Joly Talukder

World Coordinators of the World Women´s Conference of grassroots women call for participation, initiation and activities on the Hiroshima Memorial Day 06.08.2022