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European Coordinators of the World Women’s Conference:

We World Women have heard about your struggle for your jobs and send you solidarity greetings to Greece! When you march to Athens on Friday 29.7.22 we will report about your march and struggle in many countries.

Your struggle for your jobs, your housing and the future of the whole region is a signal for many workers not to bend but to fight! We are thrilled that you have formed struggle committees in your region; women, children, traders, are with you in the struggle. No job should be destroyed!

Solidarity with the Larko workers’ fight for every job!

Tjhe Continental Coordinators of the World Women’s Conference of Grassroots Women from the Netherlands and Germany greet you in solidarity !


In the meantime, we have received further approvals for the call for solidarity with the Larko workers and their families, which we have immediately forwarded to Greece.

From Durga Paudel/ Asia Coordinator of the World Women’s Conference:
“We, the Nepali women, fully support the movement of the Larko company of Greece and express our solidarity with them. In the same time, we agree with the declaration of solidarity.”

and from Edith Luz / Coordinator Latin America:

Completamente de acuerdo desde Peru también haremos llegar nuestra solidaridad.“
Translation: In complete agreement, we in Peru will also send our solidarity.

No! Oxi! Solidarity with the struggling Larko workers and their families! No factory closure! No eviction from their homes!