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Notes on the further conduct of workshops:

Dear friends,
We closed the application process for the workshop program of the 3. World Women’s Conference of Grassroots Women in Tunisia.
In order to create the timetable of the workshop program on 5 & 6 September 2022 we would like to know from you how much time you have planned for your workshop.
We have 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon on both days.
Please tell us if 3 hours are enough or if you prefer to hold your workshop on 2 days, either in the morning hours or in the afternoon. If you need more time than 6 hours in total, please tell us.
Please answer as soon as possible, the best within the NEXT 2 DAYS.
Best, Meral

Workshops are an integral part of the mass program of the World Women’s Conference. They serve a mass discussion, consultation and exchange on central questions of the international militant women’s movement.

1. As the continental and regional conferences are only now taking place the deadline for registration is the

August 01, 2022. The registration must include a description of the content and the process of the

workshop. Please send to the working group Workshops by email. Email:

2. Joint preparation: Groups and individuals who register to organize a workshop should

a workshop should prepare and conduct it together. The working group Workshops will pass on the respective contact details so that you can communicate with each other. Those women’s organizations that would like to participate as speakers or presenters at the workshops are asked to register by 01.08.2022.

3. 2 days of the conference program will also be dedicated to workshops this time. There is

a possibility that a workshop can be split – the first half on 5.9.22 and the continuation on 6.6.22. So that participation in two different workshops is possible. Accordingly, the workshops should be organized in time.

4. Unfortunately the World Women’s Conference cannot provide translation and technology for the workshops.Each workshop should therefore provide translation facilities (Whisper, spider etc.). If you need any support, please contact the working group Workshops.

5. All materials and technology necessary for the workshop (e.g. beamer, flipboard, pens, paper, etc.) should be provided by the preparation groups themselves, should be provided by the preparation groups themselves.

6. Each workshop group should create a poster with the title of their workshop and hang it up on site.

So far, the following workshops are registered or in progress:

For the equality of women and men! Paris/France
Fight against inflation, poverty and for our Dignity Peru / Latin America
Women small farmers and agricultural workers Tunis/ Tunisia
Women workers, trade unionists – worldwide Ver.di / German Union
Every war is a war against women Women Lawyers without Borders, Godula Kossak (Terre des Femmes) and Ulrike Held (Women’s Association Courage).
Non-Partisan – Organized Germany / Women’s Association Courage
Violence against women – in many fields TJA/ Diyarbakır/ Turkey (not confirmed).
Platform of Anti-Fascists and Anti-Imperialists in the World Conference on Women Continental Coordinators
“No to LGBTQ Discrimination.” (proposed)
Matriarchal societies Gunnel Hinrichsen / Dortmund Germany
NO to imperialist war, YES to the struggle for liberation !
Struggle for world peace, against imperialism and building the international united front against fascism and war
Duration 2 days
Monika Gärtner-Engel / Main Coordinator ICOR and Initiator of the World Women’s Conference
She is happy to organise the conference together with participants from Russia, Ukraine, Kurdistan and Palestine.
Migrantische Frauen und Globalisierung – Femmes migrantes et mondialisation – Migrant women and mondialisation
Duration 1 Tag on Sept 6
 Catherine et Nathalie / Frankreich
Social and economic crisis
Cameroon as a case study
(duration 2 hrs)
Jenny, Eleanor, Celestine, Maggie, Denis /
Hamburg, Kamerun
Women of the World,
organised for a Liberated Socialist Society !
Pseudo-alternatives and counter-concepts such as queer feminism and postmodernism will also be addressed.
 Gabi Fechtner /Party Chairwoman of MLPD
She is looking forward to a joint international realisation from Sri Lanka, Iran, among others.
Red alert – full women’s power to save the environment Mirjam Gärtner, Maria Vescovi, Monica Sautner / Germany.


Workshops at the 3rd World Conference of Grassroots Women – Guidelines for the preparation and implementation of workshops