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Women of the world weave a bond of solidarity!

Call for the 3rd World Women’s Conference
of grassroots women 2021 in Tunis!

From the Andes, to the Rocky Mountains, from Ayers Rock to the Alps, from the Himalayas to the Urals and Atlas, our call resounds and becomes an outcry that spreads across the world – echoing in the metropolises until it finally reaches every corner of the earth! It embraces more and more women. Let us weave a bond of solidarity together!

Come to Tunis for the 3rd World Women’s Conference 2021!

Tunisian women textile workers are fighting against work stress, gender discrimination and violence at work. Courageous strike leaders are put on black lists. Women textile workers in Bangladesh fight unionized for a minimum wage that is enough to live on. They defy prison and violence. They all form the backbone of the militant women’s movement.
In Iran the embers of the revolution are re-ignited, women stand up – defying death – against the Islamist-fascist mullah government. Their demand for women’s rights is connected with the struggles of the workers. Indigenous women of Latin America fight for the future of the children and the planet. They call out to the world: Save our mother earth!
The courageous women fighters of Rojava, side by side with the men, defend their democratic revolution with the most extensive women’s rights against the invasion by the troops of the fascist Erdogan government, which is against international law.
Africa’s women are rising up against the dictate of oppression and plundering of their continent by imperialist countries of many colours. “Our continent, its resources can feed us and our children but not the imperialist bandits!”
In Europe, women are fighting courageously, powerfully and resolutely for their interests. On the other side, fascist and proto-fascist forces are gaining strength. Women are standing up against this rightward development, fighting for the preservation and development of women’s rights, against increasing violence and murders of women.
The young generation has also set out on its way. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, one of the largest youth movements in the world has emerged with “Fridays for Future”. Their demand “System change – not climate change” connects youth, women, environmental and labour movements!
The establishment of World Women’s Conferences of grassroots women since 2006 is the answer to the crises of imperialism:

With the 1st World Women’s Conference 2011 in Caracas (Venezuela) we have started to weave the first threads of the bond of solidarity. For the first time, grassroots women of the world came together and exchanged information about the situation, struggles and women’s movement in their countries.
With the 2nd World Women’s Conference 2016 in Kathmandu (Nepal) the bond was strengthened and woven into a world women’s movement. In view of increasing attacks on the women of the world, death threats against our representatives and arrests, the world women’s movement must make the bond of cooperation and coordination unbreakable with the 3rd World Women’s Conference 2021 in Tunis (Tunisia). Women of all continents are no longer willing to play the role assigned to them by capitalism. With the strategy debate that started in 2018 and the theoretical seminar in India, the world women’s movement has broken new ground. This was an important step that we must now continue.

• We continue our strategy debate for the liberation of women! For this we will carry out discuss all ideological disputes in solidarity to develop the women’s consciousness in the militant world women’s movement.
• We take responsibility in our countries for the urgently needed fight against fascism and war.
• We will develop the militant women’s movement in our countries into large, strong and opinion-forming mass movements.
• We strengthen our international coordination and cooperation.
• In the world women’s process of the last 10 years, we have built a good, sustainable foundation: our movement is across party lines, democratic, financially independent. Our movement brings together the masses of women of the world “From Religion to Revolution”.

But that is not enough. The militant world women’s movement is facing great new tasks, because the imperialist world system in its crisis-proneness tries to smash militant movements with division, ideological confusion and violence. In contrast, we must strengthen our militant women’s movement ideologically, politically and organisationally.
Let our bond of solidarity shine in the brightest colours, appear in the most diverse forms, become unbreakable with thousands and thousands of threads. Let it fly in the wind of the coming liberation, let it hang on the olive trees, symbols of steadfastness and resistance.
We are glad to have been invited by the Committee of Women of Tunisia. Let’s go to Tunisia. Tunis here we come!