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Abortion must be a health service and must be easily accessible, legal, safe and free of charge for the broad masses.

28 September is the International Day of Safe Abortion. It was first organised in 1990 by the Campaña 28 Septiembre as a day of action to decriminalise abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2011, 28 September has been declared International Day1. The date was chosen in accordance with the “Law on Free Birth” adopted in Brazil on 28 September 1871, which was intended to grant freedom to the children of slaves in Brazil.

Brazil 2020: Women and girls experience the rebirth of the Middle Ages under President Bolsonaro and the influence of the Catholic Church – every 15 minutes a child under the age of 13 is raped, but a legal, safe abortion is almost impossible. Therefore orphans are offered on the catwalk2!

Worldwide we see a trend towards ultra-reactionary and fascist governments, the dismantling of democratic rights and freedoms, including the right to self-determined pregnancy.

All over the world, women’s awareness in the fight against the development of the law has awakened. Their cry for self-determined pregnancy is a departure from patriarchal structures.
The control of sexuality and reproduction is part of the particular oppression of women under capitalism. It serves to uphold the system. Coupled with the patriarchal-reactionary influence of the church, stricter laws are enforced.
They pretend to “protect unborn life” and kick existing life with feet:

Poland‘s rights: “Abortion is a pandemic, much worse than the coronavirus “3
President Trump, USA is in favour of “abortion murder” paragraphs and has a hysterectomy performed on imprisoned immigrant women!4 President Erdogan, Turkey, uses his army specifically for rape as a weapon of war against Kurdish women and freedom fighters. In Germany, so-called life protectors are allowed to criminalise doctors on the basis of a paragraph from Hitler-fascism.

On the other hand, 100 years ago in 1920 the former Soviet Union passed a criminal law on sexual offences with impunity for abortion! This shows that the struggle for self-determined pregnancy must be fought as part of the struggle for the liberation of women! This also requires us to look beyond the ruling social system. Our visions reach far – how will the liberation of women become reality? We call out to you, become actors of the future, come with us to

3rd World Conference of Basic Women 2021 after Tunisia/Tunisia!

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Declaration of the European Coordinators of the World Women’s Conference International Safe Abortion Day September 28, 2020