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European Coordinators of the World Women Conferences of Grassroots Women

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Dear colleagues of Fortuna Gracanica-Fabrik

We, more than 60 participants from about 15 countries have heard about your struggle at our European Conference of World Conferences on Women. Your courageous women, Aida, Dita, Borac, have told us how the rights of workers* are trampled underfoot, how you are criminalized and humiliated.
We send you our warmest greetings of solidarity. Your protest and struggle for your jobs, the punishment of the director for corruption and fraud that led to the destruction of your livelihoods are justified.

Likewise, the punishment of bankruptcy trustees who have proved to be henchmen of capital is justified.

Your struggle is one of many international struggles, so we need to strengthen our mutual consultation, information and coordination. This was a result of our European Conference of World Women.

We women, workers, employees, mothers, fighters wish you much success!

We are pleased that two of your courageous women will come to Germany for a meeting of many workers*. This is the beginning of a stronger connection across national borders.


Long live international solidarity! The only real power of the workers!
Halinka Augustin. Susanne Bader, Zaman Masudi

Solidarity of Europe’s world women with the striking Fortuna workers and their colleagues – Solidarity with the struggle of the trade union >Sindikat Solidarnosti<