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for download: 18-04-25 Protest declaration Sharmistha – European Coordinators

dear friends,
today we turn again to you with an urgent request for solidarity
Our activist and world woman Sharmista was kidnapped in Westbangal/ India by hooligans and brutally beaten up. We fear for her life.
Sharmista is a leader of the movement for the protection of people, livelihoods and the environment.

Please write protests to me to forward. Currently I have no mail address from India.

long live international solidarity, Suse / European coordinator from Germany

E-Mail addresses to send the protestations to: ; ;

Government of India:


Halinka Augustin/ Netherlands
Susanne Bader/ Germany
European Coordinators of the world womens conferences of the grasrootswomen


We, women of the World Women’s Conference, strongly condemn the brutal attacks on and abduction of our activist Sharmistha Choudhury and the other leaders of the Bhangor-Movement.

Sharmistha is an activist of the World Women’s Conference, that will organize a worldwide protest against this abduction.


We demand the immediate release of Sharmistha and her fellow activists. They must be released unharmed.

We call on all democratic forces in India and abroad to take to the streets for the release of the kidnapped leaders.

We demand the government to take immediate action against these criminal acts.

We call on the women of the world – help to free our activist Sharmistha!

She must be released at once to join our ranks again!

Halinka Augustin/ Netherlands

Susanne Bader/ Germany


send your protest to:

Protestation: Kidnapping of Sharmista Choudhury