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Sarita Maharjan, Durga Paudel, Monika Gaertner-Engel and United Women’s Alliance (UWA)

2nd March, 2016

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Namaste! Dear World women!

The United Women’s Alliance (UWA) and those coordinators who are already in Kathmandu – Sarita Maharjan, Durga Paudel and Monika Gaertner-Engel, are sending you many affectionate greetings from Kathmandu.

We want to thank you very much for the manifold donations which you have already collected for the success of the 2nd World Women’s Conference. This is the way we are putting our principle of financial independence into practice, which is making us politically independent.

Important cost we have already covered, but today we address you once more with a call for donations:

Important basic costs we have already been covered, but today we again turn to you with a call for donations.

  1. So many women want to come to the opening ceremony, that the venue Academy Hall will not have enough room for all of them. We would like to use an open air area and would need to rent a stage and loudspeakers for this as an extra. This is something we had not budgeted before.
  2. The pamphlets and posters are being spread very quickly in the mass mobilization activities on the streets. So we want to have a lot more printed in order to be able to inform every woman in Kathmandu and around.
  3. For the women in the rural areas it is very difficult and almost unaffordable to come to Kathmandu. They need money not only for transport but need to pay for accommodation, too. This is something as well, we want to support to a certain extent.

Those are three out of many points where the great interest for our World Women’s Conference gives us new tasks to solve: So, if you have the chance to give donations, do it:

In Europe
IBAN DE68 4246 1435 5608 7184 01; BIC GENODEM1KIH
Volksbank Kirchhellen eG , Stichwort/Key word  /Mot de Clé: Weltfrauenkonferenz

In Nepal:
Nepal Bank Limited,
Sarita Maharjan, Durga Paudel, Amrita Thapa,
A/c No: 002010005349000001

And join the publicity activities in the streets of Kathmandu, where we always collect money, too.

Warm greetings from
Sarita Maharjan, Durga Paudel, Monika Gaertner-Engel
and United Women’s Alliance (UWA)

contact to Nepal via

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Call for donations