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European coordinators of the
World Women’s Conference of Grassroots Women


Call to the grassroots women’s movement in Europe and worldwide to show solidarity with the protest movements in Iran.

In commemoration of the assassination of Jina (Mahas) Amini in Iran on September 16, 2022, we call on the women of the world to stand in solidarity with the revolutionary uprisings, especially the, protest movements in Iran led by the young women.

After the assassination of Maha, who was killed for not strictly following the anti- women regime’s regulations on wearing the headscarf, weeks of fearless militant women’s protests developed in Iran and received worldwide solidarity.

We cannot stand idly by and watch the Iranian regime’s oppression and brutal crackdown on women fighting for their rights.

We, the coordinators of the World Grassroots Women’s Conference, call on you:

Women – Unite with the masses of youth, workers and all progressive and revolutionary forces. Show the power of the determined mass protests for a common struggle for the liberation of women.

Connect your protests on this day with the political demands of women for education and equal, self-determined life.

We demand the immediate release of all political prisoners in Iran. An end to the death penalty.

In the words of the 3rd World Conference on Women:

Women and girls of the world, our time has come.


Annual of the assassination of Jina Amini in Iran