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Adopted at the European Conference on 22/04/23.

The European Conference of World Women on 22/04/23 with 45 delegates and participants from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Germany, France, Great Britain, Croatia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey/ South Kurdistan, Ukraine, exchanged views on Russia’s war against Ukraine, discussed and decided:

No war of aggression is in our name. We are not the aggressors! We world women stand for international solidarity and friendship between peoples. We women are strong and persistent in the struggle for peace in the world!

We do not simply stand by and watch – we act.

We know that many wars are currently being waged in the world in the name of imperialist policies. But we see a new quality in the war and political events in the war against Ukraine. Because here, different powers stand against each other – Russia on one side, with Belarus, and NATO, the USA and the EU on the other side.

We have heard that Belarus is providing Russia with a military base, the use of airports and railways and oil factories for Russian military techniques.
Our women from Ukraine are afraid of the invasion of Lukashenko’s troops. Representatives from Bosnia-Herzegovina recall the NATO war in the Balkans. Even today, women in particular are suffering the consequences.

We World Women stand up against the threat of a third world war, even if we still have different opinions about how immediate it is. We oppose the preparation for war, the political development to the right and fascisation in our countries. We call for the broadening of humanitarian aid to the struggle for the building of a worldwide peace movement against all aggressions, especially imperialist aggressions.

We see ourselves in the tradition of Clara Zetkin, who organised the international conference of women against war in Berne in 1915.
“Only when the great majority of women also stand behind the slogan with the deepest conviction: war against war, then peace can be secured for the peoples.”

Let us make the 3rd World Women’s Conference from 3 – 10 September 2022 in Tunis to a manifestation for world peace and active resistance!

Declaration of the World Women from Europe on the Struggle for World Peace.