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The Continental Coordinators unanimously decided to postpone the 3rd World Conference of Grassroots Women until the end of 2022.
Many factors are decisive for this, first of all the currently unpredictable situation in Tunisia itself and the still existing dangers of the corona pandemic.
The worldwide crisis of imperialism/capitalism is answered in many countries with mass protests, strikes, uprisings and revolts. Women are standing up, they are often at the forefront of the struggles against the shifting of the burdens of crisis onto the backs of the people. The need for a 3 World Women’s Conference of grassroots women is undisputed, but it must be able to take place as a face-to-face meeting! This is not possible at the moment. We can neither guarantee with the necessary care for the protection and health of all participants, nor can we organize visa and travel processes. We also lack the financial resources at the moment. And, also we have lost through Corona, important women leaders like Sharmistha Choudhury from India.
The Continental Coordinators propose that from now on, preparation for the 3rd World Women’s Conference begin in all countries: with street activities, culture, webinars, educational evenings, sporting events – the sky is the limit. The important thing now is to start planning.
A first highlight will be the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the 25.11.21. Worldwide, we will simultaneously present our demands in public as far as possible! At the same time, there will be a Zoom conference with representatives of the countries for further consultation on the situation and struggles of women worldwide.
Your continental coordinators


Continental coordinators decide to postpone the 3rd World Women’s Conference until 2022 and start preparations worldwide