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European Coordinators of the
World Women’s Conference of Grassroots Women
Susanne Bader/ Germany
Halinka Augustin/Netherlands
Deputy European Coordinator:
Zaman Masudi/Germany

14th October 2019


To the Continental Coordinators of the World Women’s Conference

Solidarity with the Kurdish women- and liberation movement and all people

in Rojava/Northeast Syria!

We World Women strongly condemn the war of aggression against Rojava/Northeast Syria by the fascist Erdogan, his state and military, which is violating international law!

We have stood side by side with our Kurdish friends in many cities of our countries since the beginning of this imperialist attack on the liberated territories.

Rojava is a shining example in the international militant women’s movement for great achievements on the way to the liberation of women, for far-reaching women’s rights as a part of the Rojava Revolution. At our evaluation meeting of the 2nd World Women’s Conference of Grassroots Women 2016 in Kathmandu/Nepal we decided:

“The support of the fight in Rojava/Syria is not only a fight against exploitation and oppression of women, but also a focal point of the worldwide fight for democracy and freedom and for the realization of the liberation of women. Rojava is a shining example, showing what militant women can achieve.

We oblige ourselves to go on supporting this fight and to declare our solidarity against the attacks of the IS/Daesh and stand against imperialist forces and their plans to redesign the Middle East and especially Syria according to their interests.”

We will keep that promise! Long live our international solidarity!


Susanne Bader, Germany
Halinka Augustin, Netherlands
Zaman Masudi, Germany
Joan Salvador, in behalf of GABRIELA Alliance of Filipino Women
Joly Talukder, Asien, Bangladesh
Marie-Paula Logosu-teko, Afrika, Togo
Nancy MBUAKANIA, Afrika, DR Congo


Solidarity with the Kurdish Women and Liberation movement in North East Syria