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Translation from German with online machine translation due to time constraints:

International Theoretical Seminar on the Liberation of Women
in the “Sakine Cansize Hall” / Spoorthidhama from 2. – 4.12.18 in Bangalore/ India

For the first time since the establishment of the movement for World Women’s Conferences of Basic Women 12 years ago, world women from four continents are organizing an international strategy debate on ways and objectives of women’s liberation. The spectrum of views and statements is broad:
where does the special oppression of women worldwide come from? What are their roots? What are the reasons for their particular exploitation? Are there countries where women have equal rights? What lessons can we learn from history? What significance does the struggle for the liberation of women have for the liberation of humanity from exploitation and oppression – and vice versa? etc. etc.
On the basis of analyses, facts and experience reports we will exchange ourselves. The whole spectrum of women’s movements will have their say.
One thing is clear: in the analyses of the women’s liberation ideology the movements differ. But that is not a problem. We see this fundamental debate as an enrichment for further cooperation in terms of content and practice.
In this sense, come, join in, send your speeches to us or give them to other women. The countdown is on! The theoretical seminar of basic women is a milestone at the zenith of the 2nd World Women’s Conference to the 3rd World Women’s Conference 2021.
The results will be incorporated into the timetable for the 3rd World Conference on Women. The character of a basic women’s seminar will also be organised by the subsequent visit to Indian women’s organisations on 5 December 18.

Of course such a seminar is a challenge for the content and practical preparation.
The organisation team in India works tirelessly on the preparations. Sharmistha Choudhury writes: “The closer the seminar gets, the more nervous I get. I hope that everything will be all right! Today I start the train from Calcutta to Bangalore. It is a journey of 36 hours. I will be in Bangalore for five days to check all the appointments on the spot. We have rented a translation equipment, can you support us with interpreters? We have set up an office. Hopefully the participants have booked their hotels? This is very important! We already have many registrations, from India we expect 200 – 250 participants, from Nepal 12 women will arrive, from Africa we expect about 6 women, from Europe about 40 – 50 women, from the Near and Middle East we have registrations. Greetings from India, Sharmistha.
p.s. the weather in Bangalore in December, about 27°C!”

The theoretical seminar on the liberation of women is a joint work of the militant women’s movement with those responsible in Africa, Asia, Southern Kurdistan and Europe. Many helping hands and heads support the preparations to the best of their ability and actively contribute to the success of the seminar:
* Visa applications are filled in from continent to continent via skype
* Travel groups meet and organize their participation (content and organization)
* One for all – in order to enable one representative to participate, women e.g. in Africa do not participate
* Brigadists take leave, donate travel expenses,
* without cash nothing going on! The seminar is a joint effort and is therefore financed jointly. Donations are very welcome.

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Theoretical Seminar 2018 in Bangalore: Last chance at last minute