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6. Women are fighting to save mother earth; women and the environmentalist movement. Environmental Union, Mirjam Gaertner (Germany), Prof. Cynthia Folkerts (USA),

Azra Sayeed (Pakistan)

 Workshop Environment „ Save mother earth“


The increasing threat of the existence of humanity by a global environmental catastrophe is clearly perceptible all over the world and it could also only be prohibited all over the world. The protection of the environment is boundless – and it unites a mass of women on their militant spirit and their worldwide political and cultural acitivities.
Militantly, purposefully and on a global scale the environmental movement must confont the willful destruction of the natural foundations of life by those in power.

We want to organize an exchange of experience and an process of cognition and draw conclusions together.

About us:

Mirjam Gärtner, 36 years old, working in a VW factory in Kassel, Germany, and represent the women in the IGM (Union of German Metal Workers) in my factory. We already have met at the Women’s Political Counsel in Chemnitz, Germany in October 2014.

Cynthia Volkert, a professor of physics at the University of Göttingen. She held one of the presentations about the environment at the meeting in Chemnitz, Germany. She won’t be able to participate unfortunately.

Azra Sayeed, chairwomen of the IWA and the organization Roots for equity,  a Pakistani famer organisation for land souveregnity, against the trade with seeds and many more

Bianca Rohde, student from Germany, organized in the youth movement in Germany.

Several other lectures

Topic and Method:

Day 1

  • Introduction / Knowing each other / Aim and reason of the workshop /
  • Presentation of the issue ( 20 images) including different lectures to stimulate the following discussion and exchange of experiences. Our previous propositions:

(increasing extreme weather events; increasing glacial melting at the Himalaya and increasing lack of drinking water; autonomy in basic needs of life / seeds / privatization / landgrabbing; waste; worse living conditions and working conditions)

Day 2 

  • common discussion about the results of the day before and about the necessary conclusions – proposition for the general assembly and the closing discussion of the WWC
  • writing demands on bags with textile markers – we can sell them after or the participants can keep them.

Workshop 6 Women and environmental movement


Concept workshop No. 6: Women save mother earth