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Correspondence from worldwomen in Essen, Germany Essen Tag gegen Gewalt
on the occasion of International day against violence on women

Dear Sisters from Anwa, Nepal

With great dismay we read 2 days ago your letter to all world women. As representatives of eight women’s organizations preparing in Nepal the World Women’s Conference, you wrote us: “We have analyzed the situation, to be very hard and difficult after the in and out blockade by India. Most of the hotels are closed, schools are closed, public transportations are almost halted, household has become very difficult, most sensitive part is people are dying lack of medication. If the situation does not change, at least we have to postpone the conference, therefore they have decided to await and watch for more 15 days.

We hold great esteem for you and will accept your decision. You accomplished great things in the past and also now, during the preparation of the World Women’s Conference of Grassroots Women 2016 in your country!

In 2006 your people have overthrown the rule of the king and changed Nepal into a secular republic. On September 20, 2015, you adopted a new constitution which for Nepal includes far reaching women’s rights. On the day of its proclamation the reactionary Modi government of India has instigated a blockade of the Indian-Nepali frontier. They do not let petrol, fuel, gas, aid supplies and medicine into Nepal anymore and the grave consequences of the earthquake are not overcome by a long way!

The blockade is also an attacked against all world women as it endangers our World Women’s Conference in Nepal.

We, the activists and guests of the street action in Essen/Germany regarding the International Day of Violence against Women send you cordial, solidary and sisterly greetings!

We wish you courage and strength for the important decisions in the world women process.

We protest with you and everywhere against the inhuman economic boycott by the Indian government.

We are at your side – women connect worlds, women struggle internationally

Essen, Germany, November 25th, 2015

Download letter with pictures:
Soli Nepal engl



A Letter to the women in Nepal