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PRESS STATEMENT                                                                                                          18 September, 2015

Women are climbing the highest mountains…  logo1 wfk 2016

… this is the theme of the second World Women’s Conference (WWC) of grassroots’ women which will  take place in Kathmandu, Nepal from the 13th to the 18th of March in 2016. Women from at least 60 countries all around the world, are preparing for this big event.

Twenty years after the United Nation (UN) world women’s conference in Beijing  in 1995, the grassroots women say that the UN and the governments promised gender equality – but with the states’ continued implementation of  neoliberal policies nothing has change.  In reality, the political, social and cultural situation of the grassroots’ women have worsened with the impact of the wars of aggression and the devastating disaster caused by corporate aggression, fundamentalism, the decreasing wages, violence against women and the stress for women to take care of the family, the children and the growing population of the elderly.  We are determined to build a better future  women, towards the full emancipation of  the people of the world.

Women underline: “Everything we achieved was through our common efforts and struggle”  Therefore. since the 1st WWC in Caracas Venezuela in 2011 – attended by 3500 women from 43 countries and 5 continents – the world women are on their way to strengthen the interconnected militant women’s movement all over the world. They follow their vision of equality and the liberation of women in societies, liberated from exploitation and oppression.

These last days the coordinators of the world wide preparation process of the WWC came to Kathmandu and asked the initiators in Nepal: will it be possible to conduct die WWC in 2016 in Nepal in spite of the brutal earthquake? The courageous women of the United Women’s Association said they are sure: “Yes, together we can!”

The United Women’s Association itself is an example of the spirit of the WWC: women of eight organisations work together in a very effective and inspiring way: above party lines, democratic, financially independent and composed of women from all parts of society. And the United Women’s Association calls on women from different classes and sectors  to join and support the process.

The preparation of the conference is gaining full power.  The WWC will open with a big rally followed by an opening ceremony, a mass program, the general assembly of the delegates.  There will also be a song contest especially for girls, cultural nights, workshops and many surprises!

The WWC, understanding the situation of the people of Nepal, have allocated Euro 21,296.86 , collected by the European women through the European initiators of the process now being used to rebuild a school in Maga Pauwa, Dolakha.

For more information contact the United Women’s Association

Coordinators in Nepal for the WWC:

Shiela Singh

Sarita Maharjan

Durga Paudel

The following documents will inform on all matters of the 5th coordinator’s meeting in September 2015 in Kathmandu:
Press statement:
150918 press statement WWC

Information letter to all participants in the WWC process:
150919 Informationletter to all participants in the process of the WWC from coordinators

Resolutions of the 5th coordinator’s meeting:
150919 Resolutions 5th World Meeting Coordinators Kathmandu

Decisions of the 5th coordinator’s meeting:
150927 Decisions of the 5th world coordinator meeting Kathmandu

Two responsibilities and 10 tasks in every country:
150927 Two responsibilities and ten tasks in every country

Documents, Resolutions and Decisions of 5th World Coordinator’s Meeting