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In violation of the International Conventions and the Greek Constitution, the IMF and the European governments – in command by the international banks and financial assassins – since 2010 they have imposed, through their puppet politicians in Athens, the “rescue program” of Greece.

The results of this program are tragical: Poverty, insecurity, destruction of social welfare, malnourished children, loss of social and democratic rights, misery and despair.

They also request for the continuation of this program from the last elected government of Greece (SYRIZA-ANEL).

The nuggets of social policy that the coalition of SYRIZA-ANEL applied to Greece, but mainly its disposal to a relatively political autonomy, highlighted in particular the repulsive imperialist face of the EU and the IMF, who by threats and terror campaigns attempt to crush the Greek people .
What is at stake in Greece is also at stake in Kompani, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Latin America and in Europe.

The illusion of stability that is cultivated in “advanced” Europe, is an hallucination. The Global Gang reserves the same future for all people.
Women suffer the most inside and outside the family. They daily receive added violence by men of the patriarchical environment. They are marginalized in their social and economic life and become invisible to the hierarchy or the political agenda of the current problems. The artificial parity, the supposed equality before the law and other “European programs” emitted by the directorate in Brussels, are suspended as sword of Damocles over women’s heads.


A detached petty bourgeois elite who either ravages the programs for women (programs for violence, abuse, education, labor market, social economy, etc.), or it is on the outskirts of the economic and political system, is anxious for Europe, the euro and the referendum . They don’t use pots but, they congregate in the squares with whistles, to express their aversion to the democracy’s brutality, the same democracy which grants them the right for a referendum!

The other women of toil and struggle, the grass roots women, they are combating, resisting and being optimistic.

The class solidarity of women is expressed with multiple ways: Mutual help necessary in medical care, in child care, in care of the weak. The radical feminist movement in Greece is pioneer in initiatives of solidarity and political intervention. Also in this conjuncture, does not lower the flag of women’s demands.

In the July 5, 2015 referendum
NO  means
YES to the liberation of people, the liberation of women
Athens 06/30/2015
Mata Kaloudaki

Non-Aligned Women’s Movement – Greece

Greece: Non-Aligned Women’s Movement – Mata Kaloudaki