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4th worldwide meeting of coordinators in Kathmandu, Nepallogo1 wfk 2016 10-15 March 2015 Decisions

1 The draft of the agenda is accepted like proposed. The whole program will end one day earlier in the evening of 15th March. At the 12th, 13th and 14th March different parties and one interaction will be visited. Shiela, Sarita and Durga will present a detailed program. (see attachment 1)
Decisions for the rules of procedure: (see attachment 2)
2 The general principles of the rules of procedure should be proposed to the General Assembly of delegates in 2016. The time allotted to the speakers is 3 minutes maximum. At the world-coordinators-meeting the  time allotted to the speakers is 5 minutes maximum. Unanimously.
3 Durga and Sarita participate at the 4th world-coordinators-meeting as coordinators of Nepal with full rights. All not participating coordinators will be informed about this decision urgently and asked about their opinion.5 coordinators: yes; 1 coordinator: note decent
4 Point 5 is: „Guests are observers. They have the right to speak.“ Unanimously.
5 Point 6 is: „At the end of each topic the exact formulation of the decision will be decided. And at the end of the meeting everyone will get it and sign it.” Unanimously.
6 The draft of the rules of procedure is accepted with the above mentioned changes. Unanimously.
Decision about this formulations: Unanimously.
The coordinators decide to participate in a rally on 11th March in protest of the group rape and murder of 6 years old girl. The meeting will continue after the rally until 11pm. Unanimously.
The coordinators participate in the interaction with the topic “Imperialism and Emancipation of Women”, which is organized by the women’s organizations. The interaction contains at least one hour in which the Kurdish coordinators will talk about their struggle and experiences. Unanimously.
7 The participants of the world-coordinators-meeting and the representatives of the eight Nepalese women’s organizations together write and collectively sign a letter to all absent Asian coordinators and do their best to convince them and to win them again to fulfill their function. Therefore it’s also necessary to find out the different reasons, why they do not/cannot participate and be active in their function as coordinators. Unanimously.
8 The proposal for the letter will be made by Halinka, Sarita and Durga and Laxmi as translator. Unanimously.
9 We propose that the Asian coordinators urgently organize a Skype-meeting between all Asian coordinators and deputies. Unanimously.
The following letter from Joly reached the world-coordinators-meeting at the 12th March:Dear participants of Nepal meetingsRevolutionary greetings. It is unfortunate that I could not attend the meeting of the coordinators in Nepal because of my involvement in a suddenly developed movement of the workers of three garment factories numbering about five thousand. The workers are not getting wages for last four months. Previously workers belonged to a different organization having affiliations to ruling bourgeois party. Their previous leaders only served the interest of the owners. All the workers in block rejected their old leaders and came to us. They came out on the street and it was a big event. I have become so much involved in it that it is impossible to leave the city. That would have been sort betrayal to the cause of the workers movement. The movement is still continuing. Under such circumstance I am unable to go to Nepal. However we shall try our level best to execute the decisions taken by the coordinators meeting in Nepal. Hope the meeting will bei successful. We are organizing inside Bangladesh so that we can contribute to the second world conference. We have confidence in your leadership. Comradely yours Joly
10 For the preparation of the 2nd World Women’s Conference an Asian continental conference has to take place as soon as possible – at the latest in three months. The goal is to invite as far as possible all contacts and involve them in the preparation, responsibility and mobilization for the conference taking place in one years time. The representatives of the eight Nepalese women’s organizations confer about two alternative dates. Unanimously.
11 The participants of the World Meeting of Coordinators again inform the Asian coordinators and deputies, who do not attend the World Meeting, about this matter that concerns us all. The goal is, to win them for the participation, responsibility and carrying out of the conference. We ask them to tell us their opinion, the date they prefer and the possibility of their personal participation – in the course of one week to all coordinators. Unanimously.
12 All coordinators declare themselves responsible for this Asian conference. Unanimously.
13 If the Asian coordinators that do not attend the World Meeting, will not participate in the preparation of the Asian conference or do not respond, then the three coordinators, Sarita, Durga and Shiela will initiate an invitation for the Asian conference – and all coordinators will develop initiatives for the success of the conference. Unanimously.
14 We confirm the decision, that the World Women’s Conference has a broad spectrum and includes all women that fight for their rights and liberation and recognize the principles – excluded fascists and fundamentalists – according to the resolution of Caracas and the documents.On behalf of these decisions we confirm the decision to make a call for support of the World Women’s Conference in Nepal and for winning a broad spectrum of women as signatories.More over we confirm the election of the delegates according to the principles. The eight Nepalese women organizations are free to make a request at the General Assembly for increasing the number of their delegates. Unanimously.
15 We decide that Sarita and Durga are Coordinators till the 2nd Asian Conference and recommend the Asian Conference to confirm this. Unanimously.
16 The letter to the Asian-Coordinators and Deputies is accepted with the mentioned changes.Unanimously.
17 The coordinators of each continent and region discuss with their sisters and decide within one month (15.04.2015) who (1 woman) and how they delegate into the International Organizing Committee (IOC). If possible this should be one of the coordinators or deputies. If not possible the coordinators can nominate women responsible.This IOC will communicate by Skype and email and will have to work out the concepts for the structure and the tasks of organizing the 2nd World Women’s Conference. This committee has to work together closely and has to report continuously to all worldwide coordinators, who are the main decision makers about the organization of the World Women’s Conference.Unanimously.
18 The coordinators request the eight woman organizations in Nepal (United Women’s Association) to tell them as soon as possible if, when, how many and for which tasks they need volunteers/brigades from other countries. Unanimously.
19 Another worldwide meeting of coordinators will take place in about six months in Nepal together with the IOC. This meeting will have 3 tasks:1. Discuss the general situation about the 2nd World Women’s Conference.2. Discuss and decide upon the concepts and problems of organizing the World Women’s Conference. 3. Meet more important representatives of government, municipality and if possible have a meeting with representatives of all the eight parties together. It would be okay, if only one of the coordinators of each continent or region besides Asia takes part in the meeting, because otherwise it might be too expensive. We plan this meeting for three days. Unanimously.
20 Within one month the coordinators will write an official general invitation letter for the 2nd World Women’s Conference. Responsible for the draft: Middle East. Unanimously.
21 Within three months the coordinators will write a volunteer form. There have to be two types: international and national. The draft will be made by the Middle East. Unanimously.
22 As soon as possible an office for the 2nd World Women’s conference has to be established in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Nepalese women are asked to present a concrete proposal where and how it can be realized and how much it will cost. Unanimously.
23 Besides the national and continental funds we will create a central fund for financing the 2nd World Women’s conference. All continents and regions are asked to give their contribution to this fund. How we administer it will be discussed and decided in 6 months. The Asian coordination is asked to decide, whether they want to receive the 10.000 €, which is promised for the Asian conference by the European Conference, in their Asian fund or in the – later to be decided upon – central fund. Unanimously.

Download Decisions English: 150315-Worldmeeting-Kathmandu-decisions-1-23-USc

Decisions of 4th worldwide meeting of coordinators March 2015 in Nepal (English, German)