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Worldwide meeting of the coordinators, October 11-13, 2013

Women gathered in South Africa for the 2nd  coordinators meeting preparing the 2nd World Women’s Conference 2016 passed the following resolutions: 

1. Resolution on Mary Zamora aus Ecuador

Women gathered in South Africa for the 2nd coordinators meeting preparing the 2nd World Women’s Conference 2016 want to express their solidarity with our comrade Mary Zamora, former UNE’s president (Union of Ecuadorian Educators) for her unjust and anti-democratic conviction of 8 years of prison due to the persecution of president Correa’s government to the real popular fighters.

2. Resolution on South African Mine Strikes

291.865 employees of mine industries in South Africa, Anglo-America Platinum, Kumba Iron Ore and Anglo-Ashanti, in strikes 40 workers were killed and 78 injured last year. That is ongoing strikes, demanding their wage increase and better conditions of work in all mine sectors. As women we express our solidarity with South African Workers.

3.  Resolution on the struggle against evictions of urban poor Filipino women and their families

We support the struggle of urban poor women and their families in the Philippines against the demolition of their homes to give way to anti-people, pro-business development projects under the Aquino government’s Public-Private Partnership program. We demand the Philippine government to uphold the people’s right to decent, safe and affordable housing and to an urban development that serves first and foremost the interests of the people, especially the poor.

4. Resolution on the World Trade Organisation

We oppose the ‘new world economic order’ peddled by the World Trade Organization as this will only intensify imperialist plunder of the world’s resources and further the onslaught of imperialist globalisation on the lives of women and the peoples of the world.

5. Resolution on working-class struggles in Europe

In the course of the world financial and economic crisis, mass dismissals in the super monopolies of Europe as well as a massive shifting of the burdens of the crisis onto the shoulders of the masses are on the agenda.

The number of billionaires and millionaires is sky-rocketing as much as poverty and mass unemployment.

We declare our solidarity with the struggles of workers and their families in Europe and with all peoples’ struggles for social and democratic rights and for protecting the environment against the profit economy.

6. Solidarity with Rojava

We support the courageous struggle of the people in Rojava/Western Kurdistan for self-determination, democratic rights and freedom.

The autonomy they fought for, in which women have won a central role, is under fire of the jihadistic forces as well as of the Assad regime.

Long live the struggle of the Kurdish people for national and social liberation!

7. Resolution on solidarity to the justice loving people of Syria

We declare to strongly condemn the U.S and its allies stubborn strive to wage war against Syria under the pretext of use of chemical weapons, this unjust war is going to lead Syrian and its  people to the worst crisis and it will be another crime perpetrated against humanity. Here with we extend our solidarity to the people of Syria.

8. Resolution on  solidarity to garment workers of Bangladesh

We are strongly supporting the struggle of garment workers in Bangladesh  for higher wages, workplace safety, trade union rights, maternity leave, against sexual harassment, false cases, arrests, termination, dismissal, illegal lock out, also struggling against musclemen, hooligans hired by owners.

On 24 April 2013, an eight story commercial building, Rana Plaza, collapsed in Savar which is situated in Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh. Approximately 2500 workers were injured, At least 1227 workers were killed, 2438 were rescued from the building alive.

Still workers of Rana Plaza and families of workers don’t get any compensation. Workers of Rana Plaza and families of workers are struggling for all wages, benefits and due compensations, proper and free treatment, proper rehabilitation. We demand immediately to pay all due compensations of Rana Plaza workers.

Download all resolutions (English): 131013-Resolutions-of-2nd-worldmeeting-of-coordinators-US

8 Resolutions of the 2nd coordinators meeeting ins South Africa on October 11-13