Greetings to WWC by “MODEP” from Colombia (in Spanish language)


“… empuñamos esa linterna con orgullo por ser la herencia de millones de mujeres que partiendo de la sumisión forzada y mientras eran atacadas, ridiculizadas y vilipendiadas, supieron construir una cultura, una ética y una ideología nueva y revolucionaria para enriquecer y democratizar el mundo” (Nuria Varela – 2004)

El Movimiento por la Defensa de los Derechos del Pueblo – MODEP se une a la alegría de cientos de mujeres que entre el 8 y el 13 de marzo de 2016 se encuentran en Katmandú Nepal en la 2 Conferencia Mundial de Mujeres.

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Greetings to WWC by Democratic Women of Afghanistan in Europe

Greeting letter to the second World Women’s Conference afghanistan-80087_1920

By The Left Democratic Women of Afghanistan, from Europe.

Kathmandu, 13 to 18 March 2016

Dear delegates of the second World Conference on Women,

We the Left Democratic Women of Afghanistan from Europe, who have already been fighting for 50 years to get rid of the oppression of Afghan women from double exploitation, namely patriarchal and fundamentalist order, want to send our warm greetings to you. Currently, women in Afghanistan are facing a war, which capitalist countries, especially the USA are waging against our country. They have created two dark forces: the fundamentalist Taliban and ISIS, which have been imposed on the people. The bloody events of recent years, i.e. forced marriages of underaged girls, stoning, burning, beheading, ears and nose cutting, removement of women’s reproductive organs by husbands, are evidence that the women of Afghanistan are in a state dominated by patriarchal fundamentalists in a very insecure environment. Despite the presence of international forces, and human rights organizations, the plight of women of Afghanistan is getting even worse. For example, the UNAMA newsletter in March 8th of this year reported that violence against women in 2015 has grown by 37 percent.

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Greetings to WWC by Sister Lea Ackermann SOLWODI

Dear participants of the World Conference of Women, Solwodi

The human rights organization SOLWODI sends you warm greetings from Germany, in celebration the World Conference of Women in Kathmandu/Nepal.

SOLWODI is the abbreviation of “Solidarity with Women in Distress”.

The human rights organization was founded by Sister Dr. Lea Ackermann in October 1985 in Mombasa, Kenya. There she saw the distress and misery of women and children, who battled for their existence and were forced to prostitute.

Today, SOLWODI has 34 counseling and training centres in Kenya and supports a widows and orphans project in Rwanda.

Since 1987 SOLWODI has also been active in Germany. Today, there exist 18 counseling centres, 1 reception centre and 8 shelters for foreign women and girls in distress or who are victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution, domestic violence or forced marriages.

SOLWODI is sad at heart to hear that violence face women around the world – for example, the women in Syria, who won´t be victims of a bloody war. Or Eastern Europe, where poverty and unemployment have risen rapidly. The women there are victims of the circumstance.

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APTUF Pakistan Solidarity Message IWD March 8th


Solidarity Message14-N, Industrial Area, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan

March 8th International Women Day

Lets Pledge to Continue Struggle for Parity

Dear sisters and Friends,,

Solidarity greetings from All Pakistan Trade Union Federation!
For All Pakistan Trade Union Federation March 8th is an important day to forge stronger links and unity between all those struggling for the liberation of women and resisting against gender inequality around the world. It is a day with a proud history for the women’s movement – a history of internationalism, unity, solidarity and struggle.

March 8th remember us the struggle of women workers starts on 1857 for the betterment of working condition. At that time police brutally baton women workers to stop their voice, due to this brutally attacked by police several women workers sacrifice their life.

It was at the 1910 on the event of International Conference in Copenhagen that German Socialist leader Clara Zetkin first raised the idea of organizing an International Working Women’s Day to mark the important victories of women workers in the United States and to provide a focus for women around the world to organize public actions to win the right to vote.

Friends, Pakistani women are also victims of violence, terrorism, gender discrimination, inequality, elimination of basic human rights. Despite the constant oppression against women, we all women’s are fighting back.

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Gabriela Statement on the International Women’s Day 2016

Women, fight for jobs, land, social services and rights! Fight the oppressive, imperialist puppet, Gabrielacorrupt & fascist government!


GABRIELA Statement on the International Women’s Day 2016

GABRIELA Alliance of Filipino Women sends our militant greetings to women all over the world as we commemorate the International Women’s Day this year.

We celebrate and honor the lives of women who fought more than a hundred years ago for the recognition of women’s key role in the economic, political and cultural spheres. They laid the foundation upon which the militant women’s movement was built and sparked the struggle to end women’s oppression and abuse.

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Free Women’s Congress reports on the current war in Kurdistan

Re: Free Women’s Congress’ KJA reports on the current war in the Kurdistan Region in Turkey

Date: Friday, 29 Jan 2016 logo kja

Dear friend,

We are writing to you as the Free Women’s Congress (KJA), the largest umbrella organization for the women in Kurdistan Region in Turkey. KJA brings together the women from political parties, local governments, civil society organisations, unions, media, academy, and local people’s assemblies and communes. Consisting of 501 women delegates, KJA represents women from diverse identity groups, ethnic, faith and cultural backgrounds.

We would like to inform you about the ferocious war launched by the Turkish State on the peoples of Kurdistan Region since the June 7 general elections in Turkey.

Please find attached the reports prepared by KJA about the assaults particularly on the women and children, the cemeteries and the historical sites, and the overall impact of the curfews and ‘special security zones’ on the peoples of the region:

1 Report on the conflict process, political situation and women in Kurdistan
KJA – Report on the conflict process, political situation and women in Kurdistan

2 Lists of civilian deaths, arrests, curfews, and security zones)
KJA – Lists of civilian deaths, arrests, curfews, and security zones

2 ‘Nekuje’ (Don’t Kill), Children killed by the Turkish security forces
KJA – Lists of civilian deaths, arrests, curfews, and security zones

3 Statement on destruction of our peoples graveyards
KJA – Statement on Destruction of our People’s Graveyards

You may also find below the YouTube link to the video prepared by KJA, about the children killed by the Turkish Security Forces in the recent clashes:

Kind regards,

Kongreya Jinên Azad, Komîsyon a Dîplomasî

Free Women’s Congress, Diplomacy Commission

Özgür Kadın Kongresi, Diplomasi Komisyonu

(webpage turkish/kurdish)





YPJ sends delegate to II. World Women’s Conference

The Women Protection Units (YPJ) 160127 YPJ Bild der Frau die zur WFK kommt

To the II. World Women Conference,

Dear friends,

Participating to this conference, in the name of all women fighters who are fighting ISIS terrorists under the banner of Women Protection Units (YPJ), we thank everyone who contributed to hold this conference and participated in the success of the conference, and we are confident that women’s voices will grow strongly in this place to eradicate the roots of terrorism. It really concerns us to attend the World Conference on Women which cares about women in general and, the militant women in particular, as it has a major role in raising the awareness and draw the attention of not only the women but also the whole world to the situations and the struggle of women, their influencing role in decision-making and policies around the world. This is what we are trying to be proved to the world as Women protection units where the woman is the source of renewable and potential energy so this energy must be enabled and activated to the whole world.

Here in Rojava, we are trying to do this in a practical way by mobilizing and organizing women among Women Protection Units. Since the beginning of the revolution in 2012 Women Protection Units have the right to take their own decisions and they are being organized and trained militarily and ideologically, where the Women Protection Units consist entirely only of women. And, the women are also fighting on the front lines as men and we’re not like other armies where women work only in office functions or help the wounded or even cooking for the soldiers. Among the Women Protection Units, the women are the key element and are a leading force, which has been fighting and thinking freely in defense of their people and homeland and in defense of their freedom and the freedom of all women in the world. This is the first step to find out the strong, creative and developing free women within us. And, we want to share our experience with women all over the world and we have the desire to take advantage of their experiences as well.

We have great hopes and expectations regarding this conference and we are confident of your ability in decision-making.

Revolutionary Greetings

The Women Protection Units (YPJ)

160127 YPJ Erklaerung zur WFK in Nepal – US


European Coordinators call for November 25th 2015

European Coordinators

of the World Women’s Conference of grass-roots womenLogo Weltfrauenkonferenz 2016

Maria Hagberg (deputy), Monika Gaertner-Engel, Halinka Augustin, Angélica Urrutia (deputy), 10. November 2015

Call for the 25th of November 2015 –
international day of struggle and action
in the World Women’s Conference process

We have now the biggest refugee catastrophe since the Second World War. 60 million people escape from oppression, violence and war. The worldwide patriarchy shows its ugly face in its most dreadful way by raw capitalism, by militarism, by religious and political racism and fascism and human trafficking and slavery.

When women from the Balkan Conflict during the 1990ties witnessing in The European Parliament they told us about rape, and other sexual abuse in war, and about sex trafficking in the trail of war, post conflict situations. They also told us how soldiers used sexual abuse towards women who came from firm religious and traditional societies. After the women were raped they were not only threatened by the enemy but also by their own families because they were blamed for the rape. A lot of women escaped home, sometimes giving birth to children as a result of the rape. They later abandoned these children, and then going on to become suicidal or victims of sex trafficking themselves.

Now we can see the same pattern in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Congo and Sudan and among many other countries in conflict.

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Information letter to World Women (English, German, Spanish, French)

Monika Gaertner-Engel, Germany, European Coordinator logo1 wfk 2016
Halinka Augustin, Netherlands – European Coordinator
Angélica Urrutia, Germany – Deputy European Coordinator
Maria Hagberg, Sweden – Deputy European Coordinator

August 2015

Dear worldwomen in Europe,

Today we would like to write you about the most important hot spots, which have arisen in Greece, the Ukraine, in the Middle East, in Rojava, Nepal and as a consequence of the refugee crisis as well as our preparation process of the World Women’s Conference and the special challenges for the women’s movement related with these hot spots.

In these countries women play an important role in the everyday struggle for democracy, for the people’s liberation, for the reconstruction of the country in Nepal and Rojava and against the fascist and extremely religious ISIS-forces in Syria and Northern Iraq.

The Greek people have sent a clear, courageous and militant signal against the Troika to the EU and world bank and there was enormous solidarity for the Greek people throughout Europe. Despite the immense media pressure against Greece, the people decided for a clear “No” against the enforced austerity measures. But now they shall pay the price and safe the banks nevertheless. We are really interested in how they will act and ensure our full support in fighting against the austerity measures in Europe.

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