Call for the International Seminar 2018

European Coordinators of the World Women’s Conference


Halinka Augustin / Netherlands

Susanne Bader / Germany

World women focus their strategic view!
They call for participation in  
the International Seminar on the Theory of the Liberation of Women!

In accordance with the resolutions of the 2nd World  Women‘s Conference of grassroots women in 2016, the World Coordinators are preparing an International Seminar on the Theory of the Liberation of Women.
It will take place from 2nd to 4th December in India, Bangalore.

We are delighted with the invitation from representatives of the Indian women’s movement. They will welcome us in Bangalore, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka in the southwest of the country.

For three days, the seminar will offer all interested women the opportunity to discuss theories of women’s liberation in a spirit of solidarity and militancy.
The seminar is based on the realization from the Second World Women‘s Conference that

“The increasing crises of imperialism … challenge the masses, especially the women of the world, to take up the struggle for their future. Increasingly, we need to discuss and search for alternatives. We need to look for answers.“

(Kathmandu resolution 2016)

After these three days we will have the opportunity to visit Indian women’s organisations.

To prepare for this trip, study meetings are currently taking place in several cities in Germany and the Netherlands. Interested women are welcome to join in.

Every woman who is interested can participate in the international seminar in India. We will circulate all known contact addresses via the homepage of the World Women‘s Conference. In this way, interested women can get together to prepare and organise the trip together. In Germany, information can also be obtained from the women’s association Courage.

Flights must be booked to Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru. We will continuously inform you about further facts such as accommodation, conference site etc. on the homepage.

For now the following is important:
You will need a tourist visa which you should apply for as soon as possible. Your passport must remain valid for at least 6 months after your return.

We hope to hear from you and we look forward to seeing you in India!

With many greetings of solidarity,

Suse and Halinka

Download call:
180626 Call for theoretical Seminar us



Sharmista Choudhury is free! International solidarity and mass protests in the country are successful!


Our world woman Sharmistha and her fellow campaigners are free again!

We have just received this wonderful news from India:

“We thank you for the message of solidarity with Sharmistha. We are pleased to inform you that Sharmistha and the others who were abducted with her were released the same evening after a massive protest by the people.”

And further they write that the situation is very tense but Sharmistha and other activists are in a safe place.

“(…) We thank you again for your support and promise you that the fight will continue.”

Protestation of the Fortuna Workers/Bosnia for the release of Sharmista Choudhury

We, the workers of „Fortuna” Gračanica shoe factory and participants of European world womens conference of grasrootswoman, strongly condemn the brutal attack and abduction of activist Sharmista Choudhury and other leaders of the Bhangor-Movement!

As woman, workers and fighters for worker rights in Bosnia and Herzegowina we were also victims of physical and psychic attacks and it is our obligation to the society and to the world to stand up against such attacks on individuals and activist groups.
We demand for immediate and unharmed release of Sharmista and other activists!

We call on the government to take action against such criminal activities and also we call upon the government to take steps to protect the activists in the country.

Free Sharmista!

The workers of “Fortuna ” Gračanica Shoe Factory / Bosnia and Herzegowina

Militant Women’s Council Germany: Protest declaration in regards to Sharmista Choudhury

Protest declaration

In the name of the Women’s Political counsel we protest against the brutal attacks and the kidnapping of our friend Sharmista Choudhury and ather leaders of the Bhangor-Movement.

Sharmista Choudhury is an well known woman here in germany, she often visited our Women’s Political Counsel, the greatest self organized women event in germany. She is an aktivist of the worlwomen’s conference movement and we work strongly together.

We ask the government to take action against these criminal activities.

We demand the immediate and unharmed release of Sharmista Choudhury and all the other leaders.

This procedure is a disgrace.

We call on all democratic forces in the country to take to the streets for the release of the kidnapped leaders.

Militant Women’s Council Germany

Anne Wilhelm




From Switzerland: Solidarity is the tenderness of peoples – Immediate reconnaissance and release of kidnapped Sharmista in India

With absolute horror and great anger we learned about Sharmista’s kidnapping and other guides last night. We know Sharmista as a combative and very committed woman.
Her struggle for the environmental and popular movement “For land, livelihoods, ecology and environmental protection” is obviously also the reason for the cowardly attack on her and that she was attacked and abducted by thugs of the ruling party TMC.

The resistance in West Bengal to a high voltage road in West Bengal is a thorn in the side of the corporations. They are afraid of a protest that raises much more fundamental questions such as freedom and peace, life without poverty. These project managers go over dead bodies, they serve to maximize the profits of large corporations. We have seen with our own eyes in India how houses were demolished in which people still lived, for main roads leading to large hotel chains.
We will inform all progressive forces in Switzerland about the kidnapping and its background and Sharmista’s photo will be with us in the tent on May 1st, her courage is a role model for us and the resistance will live on.
MLGS; 26.04.2018

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Protestation: Kidnapping of Sharmista Choudhury

for download: 18-04-25 Protest declaration Sharmistha – European Coordinators

dear friends,
today we turn again to you with an urgent request for solidarity
Our activist and world woman Sharmista was kidnapped in Westbangal/ India by hooligans and brutally beaten up. We fear for her life.
Sharmista is a leader of the movement for the protection of people, livelihoods and the environment.

Please write protests to me to forward. Currently I have no mail address from India.

long live international solidarity, Suse / European coordinator from Germany

E-Mail addresses to send the protestations to:

 info@cpiml.in ; redstarhindi@gmail.com ; cpimlredstarcentral@gmail.com

Government of India:




Halinka Augustin/ Netherlands
Susanne Bader/ Germany
European Coordinators of the world womens conferences of the grasrootswomen


We, women of the World Women’s Conference, strongly condemn the brutal attacks on and abduction of our activist Sharmistha Choudhury and the other leaders of the Bhangor-Movement.

Sharmistha is an activist of the World Women’s Conference, that will organize a worldwide protest against this abduction.


We demand the immediate release of Sharmistha and her fellow activists. They must be released unharmed.

We call on all democratic forces in India and abroad to take to the streets for the release of the kidnapped leaders.

We demand the government to take immediate action against these criminal acts.

We call on the women of the world – help to free our activist Sharmistha!

She must be released at once to join our ranks again!

Halinka Augustin/ Netherlands

Susanne Bader/ Germany


send your protest to: susannebader-ek@web.de

Solidarity of Europe’s world women with the striking Fortuna workers and their colleagues – Solidarity with the struggle of the trade union >Sindikat Solidarnosti<

European Coordinators of the World Women Conferences of Grassroots Women

This text can be downloaded as PDF file here

Dear colleagues of Fortuna Gracanica-Fabrik

We, more than 60 participants from about 15 countries have heard about your struggle at our European Conference of World Conferences on Women. Your courageous women, Aida, Dita, Borac, have told us how the rights of workers* are trampled underfoot, how you are criminalized and humiliated.
We send you our warmest greetings of solidarity. Your protest and struggle for your jobs, the punishment of the director for corruption and fraud that led to the destruction of your livelihoods are justified.

Likewise, the punishment of bankruptcy trustees who have proved to be henchmen of capital is justified.

Your struggle is one of many international struggles, so we need to strengthen our mutual consultation, information and coordination. This was a result of our European Conference of World Women.

We women, workers, employees, mothers, fighters wish you much success!

We are pleased that two of your courageous women will come to Germany for a meeting of many workers*. This is the beginning of a stronger connection across national borders.


Long live international solidarity! The only real power of the workers!
Halinka Augustin. Susanne Bader, Zaman Masudi

Press Release: 8th European Conference of grassroots women successfully held

European coordinators of the World Women Conferences, 17.04.2018

Press release can be downloaded as PDF file here

From 13 – 15.4.18 60 participants met in Mannenbach/Switzerland for the
8th European Conference of grassroots women. Delegations from Albania, Bosnia, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and the Ukraine were able to meet in the middle of nature with a view of Lake Constance and well supplied by many helping hands. Complemented by numerous written contributions from other countries such as Greece and Spain, the conference gave an impressive picture of the situation and struggles of women in Europe. Everywhere, the women’s movement  faces a cutback of hard-won, democratic rights and freedoms. Governments everywhere are moving to the right and more and more women are standing up for their rights.

We learned of the brave industrial action of Bosnian women workers. They camp in front of their closed factory for their workplaces – “neither batons nor silence can break our resistance!” Of the wage struggles of employees in hospitals, day-care centres and nursing facilities in Germany. Only 15% of the women farmers in Switzerland are paid on family farms, 56% are not paid for their work and only 6% head a farm. From the difficult situation in Turkey where arrests and dismissals are commonplace. In Ukraine, where there is hardly any work, the young people have to go abroad. Women also receive 25% less pay, with an average pension of €42. On Women’s Day, the demand was “Protection of Women’s Rights”. In the Netherlands, the cleaning women are active thanks to the cleaning women’s union. In Russia, young women in particular protest despite the threat of arrest. Poverty, unemployment, poorer pay, fewer rights, are absorbed in the organization of everyday life, and that happens in the 21st century! And we heard from the trauma of mass rape as a weapon of war in the Bosnian war, which continues to this day. And the fight to punish the guilty! The national strike organised in Spain on International Women’s Day is the militant response to all this!

The conference positioned itself unanimously for the struggle for world peace and demands:
“Active resistance to the bombardments by the United States, France and Great Britain!
Active resistance to the dangerous escalation that threatens world peace.
Our contribution is to work actively to build a new peace movement. (decision)
The most important decision of this conference is to strengthen coordination and cooperation. We agreed that more effort must be put into building up the women’s movement in our own countries. Therefore we will visit each other and inform ourselves about the website.
The Bosnian workers start by coming to Germany to exchange ideas with workers from many companies. On the weekend at the workers’ platform of the Internationalist Alliance in Hildesheim near Hannover, Germany.

European coordinators of the World Women Conferences   

Halinka Augustin/ Netherlands

Susanne Bader/ Germany


Zaman Masudi/ Germany

Information on 6. European WWConference on coming weekend


Dear participants,

In a few days our European Conference of World Women will begin. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. 

So that you also everything works well, we send you some hints and the program.

Please bring along the following:

  • Slippers
  • Sleeping bag and sheets or bed linen
  • If you only have small luggage on the plane, we have 30 x bed linen available
  • torch


For the festival in the evening, please bring each delegation a cultural contribution

Please pay at the registration:

All inclusive card 128.-SFR / 114 Euro (2 nights, full board and all drinks 100.- SFR / 89 Euro plus participation fee for the conference 28.-SFR / 25 Euro)

Day ticket 45 CHF / 40 Euro for Saturday 14.4.18 (participation fee including full board Saturday)

It can only be paid in cash SFR / Euro.

Getting there:

We pick up all registered participants at the times indicated. Please wait there, if there is a slight delay, pay attention to the person with the sign “European Conference”

Meeting point airport:

At the exit after the customs (on arrival)

Meeting point Konstanz:

Central Station: 4:15 pm in front of the Mc Donald (opposite the main entrance of the station)

Bus station / Döbele: Next to the kiosk / toilet house

Meeting point Mannenbach / Salenstein: On the forecourt

For the drivers:

Coming from Stuttgart, A81 to B33 Konstanz / Radolfzell follow in Reichenau

Follow B33 and Route 13 to Seeschau in Salenstein, Switzerland

19 min. (15.3 km) // Turn right to stay on B33 6.4 km // Turn right direction Gottlieber Str.110 m // Continue onto Gottlieber Str.

You are soon in Switzerland.69 m //

Continue on Gottlieber Str./Konstanzerstrasse/Route 16 // Continue on Konstanzerstrasse / Route 16 1.2 km // Turn right onto Gassa / Konstanzerstrasse / Route 13 / Route 16 // Continue on Konstanzerstrasse / Route 13 / Route 16 1.3 km // At the roundabout, take the first exit Hauptstrasse / Route

Take the 13 direction Schaffhausen / Ermatingen // turn left onto Seeschau 50 m

From Mannenbach we have signposted the way.

In Mannenbach / Salenstein from Konstanz, drive up the Louisenbergstrasse on the left side and keep to the right. Through the forest, after a few hundred meters on the right side is the Wartburg. Parking is about 100 meters further above.

If you need help on the way or have any questions, here are our emergency phone numbers:

Silke: 0041 79 727 00 54

Flea: 0041 76 251 37 13

Best regards

Silke Switzerland – Committee


For more information: http://www.weltfrauenkonferenz.ch/





Freedom for Joly and her colleagues!

Frauenverband Courage

Ortsgruppe im Vest Recklinghausen
für den Ortsvorstand:
Gabi Beisenkamp: Beisenkamp@t-online.de

Protest note

The Women’s Association Courage Vest resolutely and energetically unites the protest against the arrest and isolation of Joly Talukder and 7 other dedicated unionists on 01.04.2018 in Bangladesh.

Joly Talukder became internationally known for her commitment to improving working conditions after the conflagration and the collapse of the Rana Plaza.

When three years ago the textile factory in Bangladesh collapsed and more than 1,100 people were killed , international fashion companies pledged to improve. Rana Plaza was the largest factory accident in the country’s history.

Just three weeks later, unions and industry representatives signed a plan of action to improve fire safety and building security. But since then factory buildings have repeatedly burned or collapsed, and many people died. Construction and safety measures are still neglected.

The now imprisoned and criminalized trade unionists were engaged to implement the action plans and exposing the intolerable grievances before more people would be suffocated, scalded or burned at the workplace.


We demand the immediate unconditional release of Joly Talukder and all other GWTUC trade unionists imprisoned in Bangladesh!