Militant Women’s Council Germany: Protest declaration in regards to Sharmista Choudhury


Protest declaration

In the name of the Women’s Political counsel we protest against the brutal attacks and the kidnapping of our friend Sharmista Choudhury and ather leaders of the Bhangor-Movement.

Sharmista Choudhury is an well known woman here in germany, she often visited our Women’s Political Counsel, the greatest self organized women event in germany. She is an aktivist of the worlwomen’s conference movement and we work strongly together.

We ask the government to take action against these criminal activities.

We demand the immediate and unharmed release of Sharmista Choudhury and all the other leaders.

This procedure is a disgrace.

We call on all democratic forces in the country to take to the streets for the release of the kidnapped leaders.

Militant Women’s Council Germany

Anne Wilhelm



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