Theoretical Seminar in India: Programme structure



Welcome and introductory presentation by the African representatives of world women.

Introductory speech by the Indian women’s organisation as hosts of the seminar.

Discussion of the participants.


Introductory speech of the Kurdish women’s movement for its study movement.

Discussion of the participants


Introductory speech by the European Coordinator as the idea giver of the theory seminar

Discussion of the participants

Closing speech by the African representatives of world women.

Evening Program Culture of the Continents


The concrete programme of the individual days will be published on the homepage soon.

Theoretical Seminar in India: Finances and Donations

Dear women, we know that the journey to India is an expensive thing for the basic women. As a non-partisan, financially independent and democratic movement, we have no donors. Our sponsors are like us, workers, friends and supporters of the militant women’s movement. The African women have suggested that they bring handicrafts and sell them at the seminar. The proceeds will be used to refinance their trip. This is a great idea. Maybe you have other ideas how to finance your trip then write them to us, we will put them on the homepage.

News on the theory seminar in India from 2.12. – 4.12. and subsequent visits to women’s organisations

The organizers are writing from India:
“The seminar hall has been booked. Here are the details.  It is called Spoorthidhama and the address is:
Spoorthidama Campus, Anjananagar, Off Magadi Main Road, Bengalore – 560091.
E-mail :
The website is unfortunately not so meaningful, via google you could see photos and a map of the city:

can be done via the address of the European Coordinator:
You will then be redirected to India

Accommodations have to be found and booked by the travel teams or the women themselves. As soon as we have a list of hotels from India, we put them on the homepage.
The accommodation places in Spoorthidhama are very simple, mattress camps and dormitories for up to 20 women. We have no knowledge about the sanitary facilities.