Statement on the Theoretical Seminar of the World Women’s Conference of grassroots women from 2-4 December 2018, Bengaluru, India

Suse and
Halinka – European coordinators

300 women from 19 countries discussed ways and goals
of the liberation of women!

“For our women’s organisation it is a great
honour to organize this theoretical seminar with so many participants from all
over the world!”
Said one of the organisers of AIRWO (All Indian
Revolutionary Women’s Organisation).

From December 2-4, 18, in Bengaluru – India – in the state of Karnataka, women from 11 states of India, from Nepal, Bangladesh, Togo, Uganda, South Africa, DR Congo, Netherlands, France, England, Germany, Southern Kurdistan, Turkey, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Iran and other countries came together to discuss and exchanges views on theories of the liberation of the woman. Representatives of various women’s organisations and individual women had spared neither long distances, high costs nor strenuous journeys to attend this seminar. The seminar was based on a decision of the 2nd World Women’s Conference of grassroots women that took place in 2016 in Kathmandu in Nepal. The seminar was organised by AIRWO (All Indian Revolutionary Women’s Organisation) and coordinators and world women of other continents.

“I want to share with you my dream of the
liberation of women in a free society!”
said a
participant from India. In the three days a mass discussion arose among the
grassroots women. A common theme was the special oppression of women, their
social inequality towards men and their lower pay. This theme was to be heard
in contributions from all countries. The reports impressively showed how
women’s consciousness of the various forms of special oppression has grown. “I
got a real sense of freedom when I got involved in the fight, that’s why I
organised myself!”

The seminar was a great start and an expression that
the process of theoretical processing of practical experience has already
started. There was unity among the participants that this process must be
continued systematically in the countries and movements.

The next highlight of the ideological debate will be
the third World Women’s Conference of grassroots women. For this to become
reality, the militant world women’s movement needs a good functioning
coordination on all continents.