Statement of the European Coordinator of the World Women’s Conferences on the occation of the European elections in May 2019

European Coordinators
of the  World Women’s Conferences of grassroots women

Halinka Augustin / Netherlands
Susanne Bader / Germany

Statement of the European Coordinators of the World Women’s Conferences of the grassroots women on the occasion of the European elections 23-29 May 2019

To the women of Europe! A Europe – without nationalism!
Thousands of people all over Europe took to the streets at the weekend to achieve this. They stand up for peace, friendship among peoples and against nationalism. Their concern – no vote for right-wing parties in the European elections. The militant women’s movement was a critical part of it. Critical why? If you believe the election posters of the bourgeois parties, the words of government representatives, our vote on election day is enough to create a united and peaceful Europe. We should choose “the lesser of the evils” so that the right-wing fascistic parties do not enter the European Parliament. But what do the promises of the bourgeois parties and governments bring to the masses of women – we express our opinion !

Europe – borderless?!
The EU tightens asylum laws, stops the sea rescue “Sophia” and expands the border police “Frontex” from 2000 to 10,000 soldiers! The UN refugee agency UNHCR calls the crossing from Libya to the EU “the deadliest sea crossing in the world”. The Mediterranean Sea has become a mass grave.

The EU – a peace power?!
The EU stands for massive armament and additional expenditure of all national defence budgets. For the establishment of a defence fund with 13 billion euros, for “military mobility”. For this, civil development projects such as “Brot für die Welt” (Bread for the World) are to receive less money.
The EU continues to supply weapons to Saudi Arabia. Its satellite navigation system “Galileo” was developed as a competitor project to the USA GPS system and also serves military purposes.

Europe – for equality for women?!
Throughout Europe, women earn on average 16 percent less than men. In the capitalist system, women are primarily responsible for private household and family management. That is the basis why around 31% of women in Europe work part-time. The compatibility of work and family life is an illusion. Childcare places are expensive and the supply is insufficient. The daily crucial tension of women is a real one.

Europe – women-friendly?!
Women in Europe have no right to self-determined pregnancy or abortion – laws, churches and the state regulate women.
Europe – borderless, peace-loving, for the full emancipation of women – that is not possible with the bourgeois parties and their representatives. They have all long proved that they serve the good of the monopolies! In order to enforce our demands, we must organise ourselves and unite much more closely. Women’s awareness has awakened on a broad front. The militant women’s movement in Europe is visible, audible, active in the whole spectrum of life and work. Boundless – women of all ages organize actions, fights and days of struggle:

  • in France, 250,000 civil servants in 150 cities, many women, against President Macron’s “reform plans”
  • in Spain, on International Women’s Day, six million against violence against women
  • in Belgium the European campaign for the self-determined right to abortion and against the patronising of church and state took place
  • in Germany, nurses at the Celenus Clinic in Bad Langensalza (Thuringia) won a collective agreement after 220 strike days against lockouts and threats of dismissal.
  • in the Netherlands, nursing staff, nurses struggle for better working conditions
  • young women, girls and boys all over Europe are active for the environment and the future in the FridaysForFuture movement.

The militant women’s movement in Europe is part of the world women’s movement. With two world women’s conferences and a theory seminar on the liberation of women, we have created an international grassroots movement that coordinates and cooperates across national borders and continents.

We call to you:
“Let us discuss alternatives to this capitalist system, let us find and fight for them!
There can be no radical change in the situation of women without drastic and fundamental changes in the political, economic and social system. The movement for the liberation of women must unite with the struggle for fundamental social changes”…. “We are contributing to the building of a new peace movement”.

kind regards,

Halinka Augustin, Netherlands and Susanne Bader, Germany

European Coordinators of the worldwomens conferences of grassroots women




Call for Theoretical Seminar (All Languages)


Theses of the impulse paper by Monika Gaertner-Engel for the theoretical seminar on the theory of women’s liberation,

Theses of the impulse paper by Monika Gaertner-Engel for the theoretical seminar on the theory of women’s liberation, India, December 2018

  1. The international militant women’s movement has a great wealth of experience and achievements in fighting for the liberation of women. However, the fundamental side of what is necessary to create the basis for this liberation is severely underestimated.
  2. Only a revolutionary solution lays the foundation for the social liberation of women! An analysis of the major successes of the women’s movement and their actual limitations within capitalism.
  3. Lessons from history until today – revolutions were locomotives for the most far-reaching women’s rights so far.
  4. All of the many struggles taking place today are important on the way to the liberation of women, but they have to be led as training ground of the fight for the liberation of women.
  5. The goal of liberating women can only be achieved jointly, across ideological and party-political lines and based on principles. For this the militant women’s movement has to be non-party affiliated. This results from the common aim of the complete emancipation of women, the liberation of women in liberated societies.

News from India – the countdown is running – greetings from the organizers from India:

Dear friends,

we are looking forward to this international gathering of women in India! It is a historic meeting – women of the world discuss together the theory of the liberation of women!
Meanwhile we have received calls from all over India from women who want to participate in the seminar. That is very exciting! We also receive registrations from other continents! Welcome to Bangalore!

Staying overnight in a mass accommodation:
The rented meeting room offers common sleeping facilities for about 200-250 women, including 4 rooms, 2 dormitories and halls in which they provide mattresses for sleeping.
Staying overnight in a hotel – you have to rent them yourself.
Those who stay overnight in the Massenquartier will get a breakfast there. If you stay overnight in a hotel, you will have breakfast there. There is tea and snacks as well as lunch for all. Dinner can be served to everyone in the meeting room if needed, but we thought people would prefer to eat outdoors at a time of their choosing.
Advertising. We print 10,000:
We are printing 10,000 posters to be hung all over India.
We are currently calculating the cost of participation and sending it to the homepage!

Call for the International Seminar 2018

European Coordinators of the World Women’s Conference


Halinka Augustin / Netherlands

Susanne Bader / Germany

World women focus their strategic view!
They call for participation in  
the International Seminar on the Theory of the Liberation of Women!

In accordance with the resolutions of the 2nd World  Women‘s Conference of grassroots women in 2016, the World Coordinators are preparing an International Seminar on the Theory of the Liberation of Women.
It will take place from 2nd to 4th December in India, Bangalore.

We are delighted with the invitation from representatives of the Indian women’s movement. They will welcome us in Bangalore, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka in the southwest of the country.

For three days, the seminar will offer all interested women the opportunity to discuss theories of women’s liberation in a spirit of solidarity and militancy.
The seminar is based on the realization from the Second World Women‘s Conference that

“The increasing crises of imperialism … challenge the masses, especially the women of the world, to take up the struggle for their future. Increasingly, we need to discuss and search for alternatives. We need to look for answers.“

(Kathmandu resolution 2016)

After these three days we will have the opportunity to visit Indian women’s organisations.

To prepare for this trip, study meetings are currently taking place in several cities in Germany and the Netherlands. Interested women are welcome to join in.

Every woman who is interested can participate in the international seminar in India. We will circulate all known contact addresses via the homepage of the World Women‘s Conference. In this way, interested women can get together to prepare and organise the trip together. In Germany, information can also be obtained from the women’s association Courage.

Flights must be booked to Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru. We will continuously inform you about further facts such as accommodation, conference site etc. on the homepage.

For now the following is important:
You will need a tourist visa which you should apply for as soon as possible. Your passport must remain valid for at least 6 months after your return.

We hope to hear from you and we look forward to seeing you in India!

With many greetings of solidarity,

Suse and Halinka

Download call:
180626 Call for theoretical Seminar us



Information on 6. European WWConference on coming weekend


Dear participants,

In a few days our European Conference of World Women will begin. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. 

So that you also everything works well, we send you some hints and the program.

Please bring along the following:

  • Slippers
  • Sleeping bag and sheets or bed linen
  • If you only have small luggage on the plane, we have 30 x bed linen available
  • torch


For the festival in the evening, please bring each delegation a cultural contribution

Please pay at the registration:

All inclusive card 128.-SFR / 114 Euro (2 nights, full board and all drinks 100.- SFR / 89 Euro plus participation fee for the conference 28.-SFR / 25 Euro)

Day ticket 45 CHF / 40 Euro for Saturday 14.4.18 (participation fee including full board Saturday)

It can only be paid in cash SFR / Euro.

Getting there:

We pick up all registered participants at the times indicated. Please wait there, if there is a slight delay, pay attention to the person with the sign “European Conference”

Meeting point airport:

At the exit after the customs (on arrival)

Meeting point Konstanz:

Central Station: 4:15 pm in front of the Mc Donald (opposite the main entrance of the station)

Bus station / Döbele: Next to the kiosk / toilet house

Meeting point Mannenbach / Salenstein: On the forecourt

For the drivers:

Coming from Stuttgart, A81 to B33 Konstanz / Radolfzell follow in Reichenau

Follow B33 and Route 13 to Seeschau in Salenstein, Switzerland

19 min. (15.3 km) // Turn right to stay on B33 6.4 km // Turn right direction Gottlieber Str.110 m // Continue onto Gottlieber Str.

You are soon in Switzerland.69 m //

Continue on Gottlieber Str./Konstanzerstrasse/Route 16 // Continue on Konstanzerstrasse / Route 16 1.2 km // Turn right onto Gassa / Konstanzerstrasse / Route 13 / Route 16 // Continue on Konstanzerstrasse / Route 13 / Route 16 1.3 km // At the roundabout, take the first exit Hauptstrasse / Route

Take the 13 direction Schaffhausen / Ermatingen // turn left onto Seeschau 50 m

From Mannenbach we have signposted the way.

In Mannenbach / Salenstein from Konstanz, drive up the Louisenbergstrasse on the left side and keep to the right. Through the forest, after a few hundred meters on the right side is the Wartburg. Parking is about 100 meters further above.

If you need help on the way or have any questions, here are our emergency phone numbers:

Silke: 0041 79 727 00 54

Flea: 0041 76 251 37 13

Best regards

Silke Switzerland – Committee


For more information:





Freedom for Joly and her colleagues!

Frauenverband Courage

Ortsgruppe im Vest Recklinghausen
für den Ortsvorstand:
Gabi Beisenkamp:

Protest note

The Women’s Association Courage Vest resolutely and energetically unites the protest against the arrest and isolation of Joly Talukder and 7 other dedicated unionists on 01.04.2018 in Bangladesh.

Joly Talukder became internationally known for her commitment to improving working conditions after the conflagration and the collapse of the Rana Plaza.

When three years ago the textile factory in Bangladesh collapsed and more than 1,100 people were killed , international fashion companies pledged to improve. Rana Plaza was the largest factory accident in the country’s history.

Just three weeks later, unions and industry representatives signed a plan of action to improve fire safety and building security. But since then factory buildings have repeatedly burned or collapsed, and many people died. Construction and safety measures are still neglected.

The now imprisoned and criminalized trade unionists were engaged to implement the action plans and exposing the intolerable grievances before more people would be suffocated, scalded or burned at the workplace.


We demand the immediate unconditional release of Joly Talukder and all other GWTUC trade unionists imprisoned in Bangladesh!



Women of Courage Essen Germany demand immediate release of Joly Talukder and her seven colleagues!

Frauenverband Courage Essen,
Mädchen- und Frauenzentrum
Courage Essen e.V.,
Goldschmidtstraße 3,
45127 Essen
Tel: 0201/ 1 25 26 59 oder 556323


Letter of protest

We demand the immediate release from prison of Joly Talukder and her seven colleagues!

We protest loudly and publicly against the arrest of Joly Talukder, chairman of the union of seamstresses GWTUC in Bangladesh, and her seven colleagues!

We demand their immediate release!

During her visits to Essen Joly Talukder has repeatedly accused authorities of members of opposition parties and trade unionists having disappeared. We are outraged to learn that she herself has been arrested on April 1  and even put into solitary confinement.

This is torture against human rights, and it must end immediately!

Soon after Joly Talukder’s last visit to Essen in autumn 2016, some 20,000 textile workers went to strike near Dhaka for higher minimum wages to secure at least a minimum subsistence level for their families to survive. Rubber bullets and arrests were the answer. Trade union activists throughout  Bangladesh are being persecuted to put them to silence.

German textile industry,  fashion chains and the German Government are among the beneficiaries and must also be brought to justice!

Joly Talukder has often been guest of Courage Essen, so after the disaster at Rana Plaza. She informed at actions in front of Primark, in schools, at the official reception of the city’s gender equality office, in radio and newspaper interviews. Together with Joly we demanded that companies  having their production facilities in Bangladesh put an end to these pitiful conditions:

Not a product boycott but active support for trade union work in Bangladesh for better living conditions is necessary!  Together with the “World Women’s Conference of Grassroots Women” in which Joly Talukder is a leading

activist as Asian delegate, and together with the trade union ver.di, we organize solidarity, support the struggle of the GWTUC,

collect donations for the work of their organizers.

Global protest is now putting pressure on corporations and governments including Germany:

Freedom for Joly and her seven comrades-in-arms!
Solidarity with Joly Talukder and her colleagues!

#Free Joly!


Frauenverband Courage Essen,

  1. April 2018


Solidarity to Joly Talukder!

European Coordinators of the World Women’ s Conferences of grassroots women

Dear friends,

we learned that our worldwoman and coordinator of Asia, Joly from Bangladesh has been arrested today and taken in solitary confinement. Let´ s send a solidarity and protest note to her union. Please spread this message to many other people you know. Thanks for solidarity.

As attachment we have a proposal to send to her union. Also you can send it to the court.

militant greetings, Suse Bader (Germany) and Halinka Augustin (Netherlands)

Solidarity addresses can be sent to the following address:

Garment Workers’ Trade Union Centre, Mukti Bhaban, 2 Comrade Moni Shingha Road, Dhaka-1000

Here you can leave solidarity addresses on the homepage of the Garment Workers’ Trade Union Centre: (try several times if necessary)

 or send an E-Mail to  Monzur Moin:

Protest declaration

We demand that Joly Talukder and seven other union leaders of the Garments Workers Trade Union Centre will be released immediately !

We have learned that Joly, the general secretary of Bangladesh Garments Workers Trade Union Centre and other seven leaders of this organization have been arrested and sent to jail today, 1 April 2018.

We also learned that Joly Talkuder is in solitary confinement. This is a monstrosity.

All accusations against Joly Talukder and her colleagues are fabricated lies.

We demand the immediate release of Joly Talukder and her colleagues!

Joly Talukder is one of the respected coordinators of the World Women’s Conference and we protest vehemently against the solitary confinement of Joly Talukder !

We will distribute this protest declaration internationally.





Today 8th March marks International Women’s Day. This is an historic day that has to be remembered for the struggles of poor women over 100 years ago who fought for an 8-hour work day, and decent working and living conditions for women. Over the decades International Women’s Day has symbolized the ongoing struggles for living wages, against violence, the rights of women and most importantly against patriarchy.

Although more than 100 years has passed since this significant date not much has changed for women and girls who live in rural areas. Women and girls who live in rural areas in SADC play a crucial role in improving rural livelihoods and the overall wellbeing of those who live in the country side. However, they experience increasing levels of inequality and are often at the forefront of being marginalised and displaced as a result of the increasing land grabs in the region, no access to clean drinking water and are victims of gender-based violence.

All these challenges come as a result of the close connection between the African rural areas and its links to patriarchy and capitalism. This system of patriarchy and capitalism subordinates both women and nature. It is ruthless and violent dispossessing, oppressing and displacing women and girls who live in the rural areas.

This year the Rural Women’s Assembly will participate in the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) where we want to highlight the situation of rural women and young girls in Africa. The theme for this year’s 62nd CSW is the Challenges and opportunities in achieving gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls.

In Southern Africa, millions of rural women work the land and are the many producers of food for household and the local economy, yet they do not own the land.

Land and water are intrinsically linked and rural women in low- and middle-income countries bear heavy burdens of water fetching. A study of time and water poverty in 25 sub-Saharan African countries estimate that women spend at least 16 million hours a day collecting drinking water; men spend 6 million hours; and children, 4 million hours.1 This sharply contrasts to middle-class women in high-income

countries who just open a house tap connected to municipal systems at often subsidized rates.

Rural women’s work and their contribution in the care economy remain invisible. As rural women we spend more time than urban women and men in reproductive work, including time spent obtaining water and firewood, caring for children and the sick and producing and processing food. This work subsidises the state particularly in rural areas where very little government services are available and infrastructure development are poor to non-existent.

Violence remain a big challenge for women who live in rural areas and has reached high levels. Rural women are victims of both interpersonal violence which often goes unreported because it happens in the private sphere of the household. Women’s bodies have become a site of violence in the region.

While we struggle for a better countryside we also celebrate our value to society and acknowledge that the world is sustained by our labour, creativity and imagination.

For more information:

Contact: Mercia Andrews

+ 27 21 685 3033

Download statement: 180308 RWA_Erklärung zum 8. März_IWD STATEMENT_FINAL