Solidarity Statement to the Triumph Workers in Heubach, Germany


Solidarity Statement to the Triumph Workers in Heubach, Germany 

On behalf of the displaced workers of Triumph International in the Philippines, we from Defend Job Philippines would like to send our highest solidarity to the Triumph International workers and their families in Heubach, Germany as you confront attacks to job security.

We join you in your calls and protest against the cutting of almost ninety (90) jobs due to the relocation of undergarment production  to  Dunaújváros, Hungary.  In the Philippines, we experience the same situation. 1663 workers were laid off on June 27, 2009 in the Philippines due to the abrupt closure (without prior notice to the workers) of two (2) factories, Triumph International Philippines Inc. and Star Performance Inc. The workers defended by setting up a picketline around the Triumph factory. For more than one (1) year in the picket, many times we experienced violent eviction and even court cases against us.  In Thailand, there were 1959 workers who were also laid off on June 28, 2009.  Mass lay off also happened in Austria, Malaysia, South Korea, United Kingdom, China and in other production centers.

All of this are part of the Global Restructuring Program of Triumph International which is no less a Global Cost Cutting and Profit Driven Program of the company.  Worst, this program violates the right to work and to live decently, to enjoy freedom of association and collectively bargain as workers were laid off and unions are busted.  On the other hand, the company’s super profits are growing.

We deem that the Global Restructuring Program is a self vested program in favor of Triumph. The program should not result to the retrenchment and displacement of the workers at the expense of ensuring big profits in the midst of the global economic crisis. It is their multi-million dollar profit and luxurious incentives and benefits for their executives that must be slashed and not the life and future of the workers.   We believe that the workers should not sacrifice and shoulder the brunt of the global economic crisis. Triumph International should always bear in mind and practice that the fruits of labor of the Triumph workers worldwide have contributed to the overall success of the company. Triumph workers in the have served the company for many years and produced wealth for Triumph International

Our genuine and democratic unions unwaveringly fight for our best interests and welfare. And it is very clear that the company wanted to take back all the hard won victories in the collective bargaining agreements and most of all from our collective actions for our rights.   Triumph International should practice what it preaches and on what they have signed in multilateral agreements such as the international labor standards on the protection of labor rights in the International Labor Organization (ILO) and welfare; in the Triumph International Code of Conduct and in the OECD Guidelines.

Thus, from the Philippines, we stand with you in your struggle for the respect of dignified work and the protection of life.  The factory in Heubach Germany is the foundation of Triumph International.  It is where the sweat and blood of the first workers of Triumph built the giant undergarment company.  You should fight for what is yours.  Defend your jobs.  Defend your right to live decently.   Finally, we would like to thank you and your union IG Metal for your warm acceptance to us during our solidarity visit in Germany last November 2011.  We have learned so many things from you especially during our forum in Schwäbisch Gmünd.  We really appreciate the sharing of our struggles and solidarity.   We hope to hear soon updates from your struggle.

Thank you very much and we are sharing your situation and struggles here in the Philippines.

For Defend Job Philippines,

Melona R. Daclan Campaign Director

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Solidarity Message to Workers of Triumph Heubach from Defend Job Philippines

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Metallnachhrichten für die Beschäftigten der Firma Triumph Heubach 19.07.12